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A fabulous life doesn't just happen.

You have to create it.
And want to do the work necessary to bring it into fruition. I’ve done all of that. It wasn't easy. But now I couldn’t be happier. It’s why I am unapologetic about how great things turned out at work, in love and at home.

Life hasn't always been this fabulous for me.

From a divorced, single mom to happily married corporate executive
Through experience I've mastered the art of securing the career and love I want. Watch my story.

Driving Transformational Change for Corporations & Professionals

Are you hating on Mondays (and Tuesdays – Thursdays too!)?

maybe it’s because you’re not working your fabulosity on the job.
I love helping professionals like you develop strategies to achieve your goals. Let me help you make strategic moves.
Our strengths-based coaching and soft skills development programs help employees identify what's holding them back from the careers they deserve.

Laser-focused, accelerated customized program with blueprint and strategies


Pre-packaged professional development sessions that can be customized for larger groups.


Speeches at conferences and conventions to motivate your employees to level up.

Learn how we can work together to accomplish your goals.


All eyes on you

When nothing but individualized attention will do (and for you executives and other A-personality types, yes, I’m talking to you) you’ll want to work with me directly.

Corporate Capabilities

Empower your employees

Turnover is costly. Learn more about our corporate capabilities to retain your best talent.


What You Get..

Learn at your own pace – from 60 minute Workshops to full curriculum Online Courses.

Driving Transformational Change in Love

Think you can't have a great love life and career?

Think again.
My relationship blogs, courses and customized coaching programs hold the key to your heart. Apply now to work with me and let’s find the relationship program that’s right for you.

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Because you deserve a fabulous, balanced life.

You CAN have a fabulous life at work, in love and at home. Let me be your guide!

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