This Valentine’s Day, look hot and BE hot! Here are 14 ways to do it in red – from head to toe.

  1. Red Haired Hottie – Take the flame from your heart and throw it on your hair. Go red or go home with a new red look. Here’s some boxed wonders to skip the salon.
  2. Blushing Beauty – Nothing says romance like a nice rosy blush applied subtly to enhance your beauty. Need some help with the how-to? Look here.
  3. Blood-Red Lip Service – Many a fashion icon will tell ya you can never go wrong with a red lip. I’m all for it. From Chanel to Nars to MAC to NYX, just about every brand has a red you can revel in. Here are the best reds of all time.
  4. Red-Letter Jewels – Whether at the ear, neck, fingers, or wrists, my birthstone, the beautiful red garnet, will set your soul on fire with its passionate energy. Learn how to choose a good garnet here. (And did you know they’re not always red?)
  5. V-Neck Delight – I’ve decided the “V” in V-neck is for Valentine’s Day! That V points to all things lovely about you! You can do sweaters, vests, t-shirts, and dresses with a V that plunges or says peek-a-boo. Here’s a delightful look at the history of The V!
  6. Push Up, Stand Out – This is your year to be pushy. Get a push up bra that will make your girls stand out more than they ever have. (They’re yours, right? Make ‘em red hot!) Here are 10 Best Push Up Bras.
  7. It’s a Cinch – Get your red belt on! Choose from skinny to cincher to corsets that will spice up your wardrobe this Valentine’s Day. Here’s Pinterest with some ideas!
  8. I Heart You – If you’ve been thinking about a tattoo, getting a red heart this V-Day will always remind you to love yourself. Tips to know before you do!
  9. Red & Flirty Skirty – The pleated skirt is here to stay! Go red in any length. Go shiny shimmery for an extra dose of flirt. Here’s 50 ways to wear one.
  10. Bathe Your Legs in Red – Turn the sidewalk into a runway, and burn it up with red tights!
  11. #RedBottoms – Invest in YOU with Christian Louboutin sizzling stilettos.
  12. Get Polished – Get sophisticated and dip into a red nail polish that’ll get you noticed. Here are the best reds for your skin tone.
  13. Give a Red Scent – Leave a trail of roses with a rose-scented perfume that spells L-O-V-E.
  14. Circulate! – Take a trip to a top spa and love yourself deeply. Give yourself a rosy hug with a loving massage while you’re there. If you want to stay close to home, Bliss Spa is in most larger cities.


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