Self-Assessment Quiz ─ True or False:

  1. I wake up every morning with a stank face because I have to go to my job.
  2. While brushing my teeth, I am prone to think (or shout) “I hate my job!” at my reflection.
  3. While stuck in traffic, I lean on my bus mate’s shoulder or bang my head on the steering wheel and wail, “I need a [new] job!”
  4. My chest tightens up because I don’t have a job, and I really need one.

If you answered TRUE to any of the statements above, kudos for at least admitting to the universe that you’re miserable. If your job is crappy, or non-existent, that’s one thing. If you stay in that job, or stay jobless, that’s on you. It’s a new year, people, Let’s MOVE IT! Time to make good on a bad thing because this life of yours ain’t gonna change itself!

Knowing you need to change your crappy job is NOT enough. You need to know why, like really why, you can’t stand walking in the building each day. If you feel stressed about sitting in an open cubicle next to Anita who smacks her gum and talks about her cats all day, maybe simply moving to another desk would solve your problems. However, if your job problem is something more serious like low salary, no ability to advance, not feeling challenged, or having zero work experience, these things will take more doing to change. But they are still 100% doable.

As with anything you undertake, you need a plan, honey. Last week, I asked you to bring your “I CAN” mindset with you. Did you do that? Great. You’re already moving in the right direction. Next, grab a journal (or you can use the back of one of those LATE PAYMENT envelopes if you really need motivation) and try these steps:

  1. Pinpoint your job problem.
    • Anita.
    • Too few numbers on my paycheck.
    • My boss rides my back like a Kentucky Derby jockey.
    • I’ve never had a “real” job before.
  1. Jot down real solutions. Remember, no solution is too far-fetched!
    • Take Anita out to lunch and ask her to share less or get a dog because you at least like dogs.
    • Buy a book on how to ask for a raise.
    • Set a meeting up with your boss to find out her priorities for 2018.
    • Ask specific people for help with your career search.
  1. Now write out how and when you’re going to move in the direction of making these possible solutions a reality for your New Fabulous Life! I call this Goaling, as in setting, writing and implementing your goals. I also suggest vision boards. If you’re in Chicago on January 27th, I’m hosting a Create Your Life Vision Board Workshop. You might find that helpful. Or if you need a place to track all of your career goals, try my 2018 Is A Great Year for Eating Pink Elephants Vision Board Planner. Whatever you decide to do this week, meet me back here, same time, next week, and I’ll share how you can be SMART about your goals.

P.S. Tell Anita I said hi!

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