1. I’ve thought about someone and suddenly that person called, texted, or emailed me!
  2. I’m a fan of “To achieve you must believe!”
  3. I’ve had items from my vision board materialize.
  4. I seem to have developed “a type” when it comes to dating.
  5. I feel like I have a sign on my forehead that reads, “I only date (fill in the noun or adverb) losers, cheaters, broke-azz, lethargic, unhealthy, boring, bossy, or narcissistic types!”

Have you ever noticed that when you have a significant other, you suddenly attract attention from others who want to be your significant other, but when you were a member of the lonely hearts club you couldn’t pay anyone to notice you? Ever wondered why? It’s the Law of Attraction, honey. That’s the school of thought that basically says what you think (and feel) is what you attract. So, when you feel like you got a love thang going on, you attract people who see you as a love thang! When you act lonely or needy or desperate, or you hide out in dark rooms by yourself all day, that’s what you attract.

Since February is fast approaching, and for some, it’s a red hot alarm for love or lack thereof, I’m thinking about you, my dear hearts. For those of you looking for love, what are you attracting into your life? Are you attracting gorgeous guys who sweep into your life, use and abuse you, and are gone in 30 days? Are you attracting seemingly caring women who latch onto you, are attentive and take care of you, and suddenly they’ve moved in and are spending more time on your couch than your dog? Do the same types appear time and time again in your life? Same scenario, but different guy or gal? Who and what are you attracting?

Let’s try an experiment, shall we? Write down the negative commonalities and similar characteristics of your last few love interests—and yes, we’re using the term ‘love’ loosely—who turned out to be Mr. or Ms. Oh-So-Wrong. Take a moment to review your list. Now, take away the names of your lovahs. Leave only the list of common traits that made you wince.  Call a friend. Without revealing why you’re asking or where these descriptions come from, read the traits to your friend. Ask if they see any of these traits in YOU. A good friend will tell you about yourself, gently, to your face. Take the time to listen.

Now, if, by chance, none of the traits mirror your own, then ask yourself what it is that makes you feel so comfortable with this type of person. Clearly some need of yours is being met since you keep going back for more characters with the same traits. After you do all of this, start tracking your energy and vibrations. Are you needy? Do you not feel worthy of the best? Are you telling the whole world this via your energy? OR, are you feeling confident and stunning and deserving of yourself so that you can attract a lover of the same caliber?

To help you along, let’s do a Two-Week Law of Attraction Action! First: Keep your spirit and your energy clear of negativity. Breathe in the good; breathe out the bad. Second: Visualize yourself attracting your ideal partner. Say NO to anyone who doesn’t meet that criteria, and focus on BECOMING the person YOU want to attract through YOUR energy and actions. Third: Repeat daily for two weeks. Then check back here, and tell me what you’ve discovered!

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