1. You sometimes react like Frosty the Snowman to your husband/man’s red hot advances.
  2. Your husband/man is required to fulfill his manly chores without a “please” or “thank you” from you.
  3. Foreplay in your house is restricted to the bedroom.
  4. You take your man for granted – even a teeny, tiny bit.

If you answered TRUE to any of the questions above, you’re headed for trouble, honey! But I can help, so READ ON!

Everybody wants to feel appreciated. You and your man are no exception. When it comes to getting some really good loving, the best place to begin is waaay before you hit “Play” on your “Getting-It-On” playlist and head toward the boudoir.

Think about it. You’ve had a long day at work. Your man wants some. He’s dropping hints left and right about getting busy while you’re busy trying to get dinner ready. He’s still steady hinting while you’re doing the dishes, and he’s … not. He hasn’t said a word about how good your cheesy casserole was. Nothin’ about how tired you are but lovingly spent time making him some vittles rather than ordering a pizza.

Later, you’re getting ready for bed, but find it’s hard brushing your teeth while you’re grinding them. You’re irritated that he’s over there underneath the covers with a smile of anticipation. And you’re not feelin’ frisky AT ALL. And why? Because something was missing from dinner, a little butter-me-up called “THANK YOU!” Had your man said, “Thank you, honey, for cooking dinner!” you might not be salty right now. You’d feel appreciated.

Guess what! Hubby probably feels the same way when he does something nice for you and you ignore it. Or take it for granted. The last time he brought you the remote so you could keep your feet up on the comfy couch, did you remember to say “Thank you, babe”? On those chilly mornings when you ask him to start your car so that it’s warm and toasty, do you even say “Please?”  or just shake the keys in his direction and nod toward the front door.

News flash: GOOD MANNERS ARE SEXY, SISTER! The next time your man seems a little frosty when you’re trying to get your cuddly-cuddly on and you’re not sure why, you have two choices:

  1. You can ask him. Take a moment to sit down with him over coffee or mimosas, and ask! Be persistent yet patient, and listen to him. (Yes, I used the “L” word.)
  2. Or hit the rewind button. Play back the last few days. Maybe you’ve been taking him for granted just a teeny-tiny bit, and it’s time to course correct. I try to celebrate all of Al’s smallest little efforts. When he does something especially thoughtful, I clap out in glee “Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!” like Mama Klump does in the movie The Nutty Professor.

Whichever option you choose, hopefully he’ll open up, and you’ll get down to the nitty gritty so that y’all can get down and dirty again. (Whoop whoop!) None of us likes that icky feeling of being taken advantage of, especially by our lovah. So please stop, and mind your manners. I’m sure you’ll be “thanked” in more ways than one. Love will prevail!

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