It’s June, and your friends are being whisked down the aisle in startling numbers. How do you get your guy to pop the question? If marriage is something you really want, then you deserve to have it. I believe this with all my heart! It is something I wanted for myself after 16 years of divorce, so I was very intentional about following my heart’s desire. And I wasn’t afraid, right from the start, to ASK for what I wanted. By the third date. If I wanted to be married, and the guy I was dating did not want that — then why go any further? So, yes, on the third date I had with my now husband Al, who had been married for THIRTY YEARS, I asked him if remarrying was something he would consider. Lucky for me it was. And two years later, that’s exactly what we did.

I want marriage for you too, if that’s what you want. To me, holding fast to that want or dream is the best way to get your guy to propose because your every thought, your every move, and every decision from whether you sign a new lease to how you dress when you’re out with your man will lead you to your proposal. I think it is that simple. First and foremost: “to thine own self be true.”

Now, there’s a lot of extra advice out there, from playing hard-to-get to putting a spell on him with a love potion (Yes, I’m talking about my guilty pleasure movie favorite, Practical Magic). But there’s also some practical advice to get you walking down the aisle rather than walking out the door. Here are some tips gathered from around the World Wide Web. Take a gander and see what works for you. has 15 Psychological Tricks to Make Him Propose

Ooooh! “Psychological Tricks.” Getting into your man’s head and playing psychological games can get tricky if not a little mean. This is a person you love, right? So tread lightly if you’re going to get your marriage proposal by resorting to some mumbo jumbo tricks—like being open to receiving positive attention from other men to make him appreciate you more, or pulling away and being less emotionally available in order to make him want you more and realize what he’s missing. These are mind games, and if you want to play them, read on! But one helpful take away from this article is that you should be yourself and be prepared to be by yourself if in the end your man is not getting the big fat hint that you want to be his and no one else’s. has Get a Guy to Propose Naturally Without Being Obvious

The tip that resonated with me most in this 7-part article is: Be Honest. Tell your boyfriend your inner feelings. Express your fears and anxieties about the setup you have with him. Tell him about your concerns for the future, and that you want to be assured you will be together as you face it. Speak your heart’s content to tell him that the relationship doesn’t assure you of permanency. If the guy really loves you, he will not allow you to keep feeling uncertain. Instead, he’ll do or say something to appease your troubled feelings, including a wedding proposal.

This E-Harmony article is spot on: How My Boyfriend Went From Unsure to Proposing in Two Weeks

Relationship coach Rori Raye shares how her now husband of 20 years began to stall with his proposal to her. She basically reminded herself of her own worth and stuck true to what she wanted for herself, finding a way to clearly and effectively communicate her needs. She says, “When a man realizes what he has with you – and that he could lose it – he’ll feel naturally motivated to make a lifelong commitment to you.” I couldn’t agree more, honey!

How to Get Him to Propose by Reading His Mind on

The title of this article is a little misleading because it actually gives great practical advice, such as knowing that your man is ready, making sure that you both have proper communication and can openly talk about marriage, and avoiding ultimatums. By taking these steps, you should have better success at knowing how your man is thinking about you being his wife. (Well, for one thing, I am here to tell you that knowing how a man is thinking is probably just as hard as them knowing how we think! But getting them to open their mouths and talk is a strategy to get you that well-deserved bling!)

I’m with you in the fight, but I want you to know that you can get off the proposal struggle bus if you stick to your heart and communicate openly. Let me know how it goes! Love you!


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