If your relationship is full of drama and you spend more time running your mouth rather than running hand-in-hand on a romantic beach somewhere, then we gotta talk. And the thing is, if your romantic relationship is this rocky, that means your other relationships, like with friends and family, are probably rocky too. Girl, are you a drama queen?

I’ve got Facebook friends (who I’ve had to unfriend or block) who are just 100% trying to pull in a lifetime of drama. They can’t go to the grocery store or pump a tank of gas, let alone try loving somebody without getting into it! One friend had it out with her family, ON Facebook, about how she felt slighted because she wasn’t invited to Easter brunch. The way she was going on and on tagging folks left and right, I knew they probably didn’t want her there because she was gonna CAUSE DRAMA! This same friend has been divorced for years and lets us know every so often how much of a drama king her no-good husband was and still is. It has been YEARS! She just can’t let go.

And you know what the crazy thing is? Yep, she thinks the problem is with everyone else except herself.

So you’ve guessed it, the first tip to being less of a prime-time drama queen is to look at your own behavior. Not sure what to do? Keep reading.

Birds of a feather do tend to flock together, so it’s no wonder a person like my friend can’t keep or get into a lovey-dovey relationship. If you’re like her, you probably keep attracting men who can’t live without drama. But what sort of living is this? You don’t realize that the even-keeled euphoria that comes with being in a healthy relationship far outweighs the negative emotional highs and lows you’re used to. Tip 1: Change your stripes. Look to attract good-natured people by being good natured yourself.

Laaawdy, my Drama Queen, if you don’t keep some of those “put up your dukes” comments to yourself…! You know what’s gonna make your man see red. And because you know it, I’m gonna need you to be a grown up and stop pushing his buttons just to get a rise out of him, or worse, get attention. Be nice! Tip 2: Learn to communicate so you don’t push triggers.

Drama-seeking sisters often feel wronged, or slighted, or forgotten or ignored. All.the.time. I’m here to tell you to take a chill-pill honey! Everyone is not out to get you. If your waitress forgot your extra side of vinaigrette dressing, nine times out of ten, it wasn’t on purpose. Instead of blowing your top and cursing the waitress up and down ‘til kingdom come (for everybody to see), try allowing her to say sorry and to bring you the forgotten side. Tip 3: Forgive and forget. The more things you let go of, just like water under the bridge, the happier you will be. And here’s a true metric for measuring if the crime warrants the drama — is this awful thing that your honey (or your waitress, or your sister or whoEVAH) did so egregious that you will still be ranting about it three weeks from now? Three months? Three years? If not, honey life is too short. Do us all a favor and  stay calm and simply carry on.

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