As we enter into the last quarter of 2018 it’s easy to fall into one of two states of mind:

State of Mind #1: The year is almost over and I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I wanted to, so I’ll just wait until the New Year and begin fresh then.

State of Mind #2: The year is almost over and I haven’t accomplished nearly as much as I wanted to, YIKES I’ve got to get my butt moving!

Which State of Mind do you find yourself in right now? Clearly, I’m hopeful that it’s State of Mind #2. Because here’s the deal – life is always going to get in your way. And you’ll often feel that you are moving backwards or in slow motion versus at the pace you THINK you should be moving. But my good friend Lisa Nichols has ingrained in me the importance of “staying in action.”

So if you haven’t revamped your resume yet; or gotten up the nerve to ask for that promotion; or updated your LinkedIn profile; or followed up with the recruiter who promised she’d reach out to you, but never did – it’s not too late. The fact of the matter is, the year is going to end whether you are ready for it to end or not. Don’t bother beating yourself up over what you haven’t yet accomplished. Get back on your high horse and finish these last 100 days of the year STRONG! Trust me when I tell you, this will give you the momentum you need to enter 2019 with the confidence of the Badass that you are.

On my bathroom door is a huge poster: “Fall Down 7 times. Get Up 8.” And let me tell you honey, I have fallen down so many times THIS YEAR that I’ve lost track! Fall down a measly 7 times? Ha! I’m waaay into the double digits! But you know what? Every time I get back up I come back stronger. And I last longer. And guess what? Even with my herky-jerky record I’ve actually racked up a LOT of accomplishments along the way. Who knew?

How about you? If you need to encourage yourself in advancing toward your career goals, now is the time to take stock and go back and check off all that you HAVE accomplished so far this year. You just might surprise yourself over all that you’ve done. Stop right now and make a list of the steps you have taken this year. Items you have successfully completed and checked off of your “gotta have a better career” list. The times you’ve gotten back up when you didn’t think you COULD get back up. Take the time to celebrate those moments because sometimes we don’t give ourselves credit where credit is due.

One small step you can take TODAY, RIGHT NOW is to simply stop with all the, “woe is me, I haven’t gotten up another rung on my ladder of success,” whining and just start MOVIN!

Look, being a BAWSE ain’t easy. Nothing worth having is. But be easy on yourself. Just because you haven’t BEEN moving doesn’t mean you can’t take action today and then Stay. In. Action! Dare to get moving again and to take those small steps toward accomplishing your career goals. Each step matters and they add up in the end to leaps and bounds. Now, GO! You can finish the year strong.

You can thank me later.


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