Ohhhh, mes amis! My friends! My friends! When was the last time you encountered an amazing French kiss? And I don’t mean the cocktail! As a woman who loves kissing, I must say that it is definitely an art. I remember back in college I was dating this guy and … disaster! He came at me with his jackhammer tongue and jabbed at my mouth like a woodpecker. The sad part is that he thought he was really doin’ something! The sadder part is that he wasn’t even aware that he wasn’t!

In order to have a great French kiss, you MUST have a sense of awareness, right? You gotta be feelin’ on your guy and listening to his body language to see how he is responding to you. If he is pulling his head away and you’re steady gripping onto his head to stay near, “Houston, you’ve got a problem!” Here are some tips to ensure your French kissing is amorous and not mood-murderous.

  1. Your tongue should be playful and soft, not super-duper aggressive as you meet your partner to kiss. You want to use the tip of your tongue to whisper “Helloooo” to your partner’s tongue. No need for that rough “How ya doin’?” handshake that jerks a person’s whole body. Soft, soft, soft, my sister.
  2. Don’t be a Spitty Sally. While you’re kissing, be aware of how much saliva is collecting in your mouth! Nobody wants spit running down their chin during sexy time. When you feel it building up (and we all do), just take a discrete moment and swallow it! Distract him with something else while you do it. He’ll appreciate it, trust me.
  3. Be accepting. If you like to be in control, find a few moments during French kissing to be a bit relenting. Let him explore your tongue and your mouth for a few moments. Have a conversation. Let him ask the question and then when you find the answer, give it to him nice and slow. Use your tongue and your lips and a little suction here and there, and provide him with a Q&A he won’t soon forget.
  4. Brush and floss, floss and brush. And brush your lovely tongue. Having tart or sour breath is definitely a turnoff, and it can happen easily! Think coffee, wine, beer … all breath-killing drinks we might have right before a kiss. If you can manage to get to the bathroom to take care of this business before a kiss begins, go for it.

French Kissing

If you think of your tongue like a soothing blanket that you want to wrap around your lover during a snowy winter’s day in front of a fire, you’ll be in the right zone for beautiful French kissing.

Any other pointers I’m missing that someone would like to add?


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