I discovered Lisa Nichols when I was on vacation contemplating “what next” in my life about six years ago. An email from her mysteriously popped up in my inbox. I’d never heard of her before. But without thinking I signed up for her “Speak and Write to Make Millions” three day workshop, which I attended. I literally credit Lisa and that workshop for getting me to this point: having a blog that people actually read (yay!); having completed my first book and working on the second one (double yay); and having launched my own speaking service. I was making really great money in corporate America. (Still do). But Lisa was the first person who talked to me seriously about having multiple streams of income. Advice that I pass onto you, as often as I can.

For me it’s always important to pay attention to the people who are giving you advice. Have they literally walked in your shoes before? Made it to where you want to be? If so, they hold a lot more water with me. Because I know whatever they did worked for them, and can therefore, work for me too. Lisa went from being a single mom and having $14 in the bank to owning a multi-million speaking business. So when she talks to me about abundance and the importance of having multiple revenue streams — I listen and follow her advice!

This is why I so strongly love and suggest Lisa Nichols’ Abundance Now. The fact that we are now really good friends has nothing to do with my recommendation. Lol.

You may also find that her “Get Radical” message, really resonates with you as well. I love how she says we need to be unapologetic and just get radical in order to be our best selves. She tells us not to ask permission to be the next best version of ourselves. Do you find yourself ever doing that? Constantly asking someone for permission to be great … whether it’s a spouse, a family member, or your BFF? How many times have you found yourself dimming your greatness around someone else because you thought they deserved the spotlight more than you did? (Ouch). Or maybe you didn’t think you deserved recognition for something great that you did. So you’re standing around waiting for that pat on the back, the recognition, that validation that you are fantastic, and essentially you’re asking for permission to be fantastic from somebody who’s not even forthcoming enough to notice! This is where Lisa steps in and tells you to quit all that mess, stop asking, and just be. She tells us to not be afraid of how great we can be and to live abundantly by taking action.

One of the quotes I use most often, I heard first from Lisa: “Action is the antidote to despair.” When you stay in action, you don’t have as much time to doubt yourself. And it’s why I so encourage you to take small bites toward Eating Pink Elephants, your really big audacious goals. Little by little it all adds up until you have the abundance you deserve in your life. I swear this is just the tip of the iceberg in her mastering your abundant life message. Get on the Lisa train and off the struggle bus by getting this book TO-DAY!


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