There’s no reason to fool around with April and all that it holds. For one thing, its name is supposedly taken from the verb aperie that means “to open.” There’s also some thought that the name is related to Aphrodite and her month Aphrilis. That stuff alone makes me have a higher regard for this prosperous and sorta sexy month! April is now a good month for just about anything, as far as I’m concerned. But, in real-time life, April is a great month for:



Dealnews says April isn’t an overly popular month for vacations, and therefore, peeps can find great deals on cruises, specifically the Caribbean. If you can’t get away this year, now would be a fab time to plan for NEXT April so that you can get doubly good deals by booking in advance! Be sure to check with a travel agent for any rules and regs you need to know about booking, and get going!

Kitchen and Cookware

PROSPERITY - Kitchenware

As we get closer to graduation and gifting new grads with stuff that will get them started in their new lives, you might start seeing slashed prices on all-things-necessary for the kitchen. Take a look at places like Crate and Barrel, Bed Bath and Beyond, and box stores like Walmart and Target.


PROSPERITY : Thrifting

For you millennials and those who love you, “Thrifting” is an on-trend term that is a regular shopping occurrence and not solely reserved for April. The good news is that for those who already thrift, April will be a great month to get some even better deals because most secondhand outlets like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent de Paul will benefit from our collective spring cleaning, and there will be an influx of inventory to unload. #Score #WalletWinning

Tax Day Treats

PROSPERITY: Tax Day Treats

With this painful day looming on calendars throughout the nation, some retailers offer free or discounted deals to help you get through the pain of tax day. Be on the lookout for newsletter deals, mailers, and in-store pop-up markdowns. Here’s a great list of 2017 Tax Day Freebies including offers from Kona Ice and Great American Cookies, to help know what might be around 2018 tax day.

Let us know if any of these deals helped you not play the fool when it comes to finding deals that keep more money in your pocket!

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