My weight is frequently on my mind and elsewhere on my body. I have a goal weight. I have a goal look. But sometimes my body and my brain just ain’t on the same page! I am not happy about this, you guys! SO, to trick myself into working out, I either have to be with my private trainer or in a swanky gym where everything is shiny and smells good, and they give you warm (or chilled!) towels and a pat on the back just for showing up! I need this, I want this, I crave this service. The question is, are these high-end health clubs actually worth it?

Diva-to-Diva, we know that deep down, getting to and using the gym isn’t always about the money. It is about bigger things that challenge worth … your own. Ask yourself:

  1. How willing are you to commit to get yourself to the gym?
  2. What obstacles keep you from getting your butt to the gym (late hours, no workout clothes, proximity)?
  3. Do you actually like The Gym environment?

DIVA - Workout

If you’ve identified that you ARE willing to commit yourself to the gym, and that these so-called obstacles are merely a result of not being organized, AND you’ve said, “Yes! I actually like the gym,” then we’re golden. Why? Because you’ll simply take some time to break down your Pink Elephants to get organized and motivated, and then we’ll get to the shiny good stuff that high-end gyms offer.

While you’re looking at $175+ a month and an initiation fee which can go from $200 up, I DO think high-end health clubs like Equinox, NY Sports Clubs, and Chicago’s East Bank Club are worth it. First, the equipment is state-of-the art. Cardio machines with digital screens that connect to the web, Bluetooth earphones, TV, and cardio stuff? Yes, please. While I like to reserve my workout time for just that, sometimes it helps to be able to work or catch up on a show while doing g-o-o-d for my body. Plus these gyms are staffed with employees whose sole job is to clean equipment, pick up gross towels left by sweaty people, re-rack weights left by inconsiderate sweaty people, and generally be on hand to help should you fall out (I’m kidding). But you get my drift.

Additionally, I WANT to know that if there is a new class out on the market, whether it is related to Booty Barre, Pilates, Hip Hop, Winding, Kickboxing, Spin … I want to be among the first to hear about it and avoid it if I feel it ain’t for me.

After I take a class, I WANT to step into a sauna, eucalyptus steam room, or hot tub followed by a rain shower AND luxury bath products that aim to congratulate me with a soothing sensation for a job well done!

IDIVA - Health spa

I WANT my gym to have a classy, swanky feel that matches my classy swankiness! I want to walk into luxury even when I know I’m about to get down and dirty with this weight. Because I’m worth it, and so are you. Questions?

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