Woe to the woman who still thinks wearing false eyelashes will turn her into the fiercest of drag queens, rather than just a queen out to slay. I’m here to tell you I was that woman up until recently.

In full disclosure, when I have video appearances and media interviews, my face is beat by a highly-skilled artist who makes magic with makeup. I watch, enthralled and giddy with the excitement of what she’ll create. This masterpiece always includes lashes, and I thought I could never get the hang of putting on my own lashes. But practice makes perfect. And while it was totally mind boggling to my husband that I would devote an entire Saturday to lash-ploration I have, alas, crossed this hurdle (thanks to marathon sessions of YouTube tutorials) and can now put my lashes on just like the pros. So can, you!

Getting into the lash glam game might feel like taking a crash course with your face as the final exam; you’ve gotta learn a few basics before you get started.

  1. All lashes are not created the same: false eyelashes are made from different materials including silk, mink, faux mink, horse hair, human hair and synthetic.
  2. All lashes are not fashioned the same: you want to talk about choice? Walk down an aisle of eyelashes at a beauty supply store or visit Eyelashes Unlimited. From wispy to double lashes and feather lashes to those that sparkle and glitter, there is a fashion statement to be made.
  3. All lashes are not applied the same: you can buy a strip of false eyelashes or individual lashes; or like hair extensions (sorta) you can go to a professional and get eyelash extensions.

Alright, Lashonista, with all this info, what to do? How do you choose the right eyelash for you?

To keep it simple, it’s best to start with the shape of your eye and then choose the right type of lash for you. Elle says that if you have round eyes, you should go for a curly lash to enhance your top lid; upturned eyes on the other hand, are great for a cat-eye look and to use a flared half-lash in the outer corner to achieve this look. Click here for more of the right false eyelash for your eye type.

Once you’ve determined your eye shape, you can start to look at types of lashes that suit your fancy. Allure has the best false eyelashes according to beauty experts . And there are many!

For me, I love the “Demi-wispies”. The shape is more like your natural eye, which is short in length at the corners of your eye and longer at the end. (“Wispies” are more dramatic and full and have a uniform length throughout).  Demi-wispies are great for everyday glam and feel fab.  Take a test run with Ardell which are easy to find at Ulta and your local drugstore.

LOOK LIVE - Demi wispies

Speaking of test runs, putting these hairy spiders (as my husband so fondly calls them) ON can turn into epic fails, but I promise you, you can do it! It took me weeks to get it down pat and the process used to add an additional half hour to an hour of my getting dressed routine. Now I can do each eye in about three minutes. Here are my personal tips I’ve picked up along the way:

  1. Put on your eye shadow and eyeliner first! I used to try the eyeliner after putting on the lashes and it made the eyeliner all jiggety-looking. Like I was on crack when I applied it.
  2. I use tweezers and toothpicks! Don’t judge.  When I’m out at restaurants, I grab handfuls of the free plastic-wrapped toothpicks they provide and throw them in my purse for lash use later. I apply the glue with the toothpick, while holding the lash upside down. This prevents the glue from dripping into the lashes and making them clumpy and ultimately unusable. I let the glue dry on the lashes for at least 30 seconds (blow on them or wave them around, some artists use mini fans to dry them) until the glue is tacky to the touch. Then, using a magnifying mirror, I hold the lashes between my index finger and thumb and lay it gently on my lash line (where your real lashes grow from) and I tap, tap, tap the lash in place with the toothpick. Once it looks like it’s in place I use the tweezers to squeeze lash and lid together.
  3.  It is most cost effective to buy the lashes and adhesive separately. The glue usually comes in different colors (whaaat?!). I buy it in black. It matches the color of the lashes and your black eyeliner. And if you’re really going to do this lash thang — buy them in bulk! You’ll save a fortune over time. (Yes, you can reuse most brands).
  4. One more thing: if your lash line/eyeliner ends up with that shiny, wet look — you’ve used too much glue. Scale it back girl. That’s the first sign you’re an amateur.

I’m no expert, but I’ve had a couple of my make up artist friends tell me, “you did good!” So when you’re ready to get glam with lashes, never underestimate the power of tutorial marathons. Here’s another  YouTube tutorial to watch!


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