Life is too short to live without a bit of bling. I’m not talking about ice, like diamonds per se, but I am talking about chandeliers. Ahhh. Just saying the word ‘chandelier’ brings excitement to my ears.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, “Chandeliers are cool and everything, but where will I put one?” Girl, anywhere! Imagine your bathroom with a beautiful chandelier dangling delicately from above your vanity mirror. Or what about in your closet, be it a walk-in or not? I have them everywhere in all my homes. My favorite place is in the kitchen. Because, well, the kitchen isn’t a favorite room of mine!  But once I hung chandeliers in the kitchen I’m now naturally drawn to the array of hanging crystal prisms that illuminate the room with all that refracted light. I feel special when I’m in there. So I visit it more often to do what is meant to be done there: cook!

This linear sparkly beauty hangs in the kitchen in my suburban home.


These four little chandies hang over my kitchen counter in our cottage and make me feel like a professional chef.









Your chandelier doesn’t have to be the grand variety you see gloriously illuminating the Queen’s ballroom. You know that you’re the grandest of queens in your own world, so find the chandelier that works for you! Think: wall sconces, little danglies from cute lamps, grand chandeliers that you can hang above your dining room table. My thought is that anywhere you see a light fixture or an outlet, there is an opportunity for some blingy bling bling in your life. Even Snoop Dog had one in his car in the movie, Friday!

Now that you’ve got glitz and glamour on your mind, you’ll see opportunities to buy a chandelier everywhere. From Target and Ikea to Restoration Hardware, Saks Fifth or Z-Gallerie (you will LOVE their Omni chandelier I got it for our condo’s master bedroom and even my husband Al loves it. Or, he will once he has the electrician hang it, hint-hint Al honey. The sooner it’s hung, the sooner we can hang from it. lol). You’ll soon start to notice chandies, big and small.

Anyone who knows me knows I have two favorite stores. They are as different as chocolate and vanilla,– and I love them both the same: Neiman Marcus and Home Depot! For you handy, dandy types … why not give Home Depot a try? They not only sell chandeliers, they also have aalll the fixins to build one, if that floats your boat. Somebody’s gotta do it. Why not you?

My point is dahling (writing about chandeliers makes me want to talk like Katherine Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s) a little gorgeousness goes a long way. So go ahead—don’t be afraid to sparkle this season.

Let me know how it goes with the glam!

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  1. Yes indeed !! I have one in my walk in closet room and even if I’m just putting on my “mom” clothes I feel glam !! I love the idea of putting one in the bathroom — just in time for my remodeling project !!

    1. Lol! yes, even “Mom” clothes look great under a good Chandies’ light! Send us pics when you start your remodeling project.

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