A happy home is a home that smells great! Aromatherapy is one of the top holistic methods to healing the mind, body, and soul, and it’s fantastically amazing how simple it is to incorporate this scent-sational happiness into your home.

Most of you are probably no stranger to aromatherapy. If you’re like me, you’re instantly transported to a spa experience whenever you squeeze a single drop of eucalyptus oil onto your shower floor for an instant pick-me-up. And I’m amazed at how the sweet scent of freesia always transports me to the feeling I get when I’m being welcomed into a five-star Starwood hotel. Whenever there is a seamless mood shift, usually there’s something in the air that is working to make you feel some kinda way!

I’m a candles girl. For my lake house, I like beachy scented candles like Henri Bendel’s Sea Spray. For my house in the suburbs, I love Jo Malone’s s Orange Blossom. And when I’m in the office, I am always reminded of philanthropy and good will thanks to the illustrious and kind-hearted Susan Taylor and her National Cares Mentoring Movement who send me a thank you gift of a Cire Trudon candle every year. But hands down, the scent I can’t live without is Voluspa’s Crisp Champagne. I loved it so much I included it my bridesmaids’ swag tote along with other goodies.

LOOK LIVE - Henri Bendel

Henri Bendel’s Sea Spray, $25

LOOK LIVE - Jo Malone

Jo Malone’s Orange Blossom, $65


LOOK LIVE - Cire Turdon Cire Trudon’s Abd El Kader Classic Candle, $95, reminds me of my philanthropy and good will.

LOOK LIVE - Voluspa

Voluspa’s Crisp Champagne, $16, is my hands down favorite for home and travel.

I also wanted to share some really neat DIY diffuser options that you can use with essential oils. This link has 30 Ways to Naturally Scent Your Home Using Essential Oils. LOVED, LOVED this list!! I plucked five ideas that I thought you would want to try yourselves.

  1. Toilet Paper Diffuser– Can’t get any easier! Add a few drops of essential oil (Lavender? Rose? Rosemary?) to the cardboard tube that’s inside the toilet paper roll. Go to EK Wetzel for tips and tricks to this one.
  2. All-Natural Wax Melts– How about natural wax melts that eliminate those artificial fragrances that can be quite dangerous to continually breathe? Create Craft Love has some natural melts that are easy to make and take you to your happy smell place when they simmer.
  3. Scented Olive Oil CandlesLittle House Living shows you how to make an olive-oil based candle that is super easy to make and is enhanced with your essential oils (Lemon? Frankincense? Sandalwood?)
  4. Easy DIY Rice Diffuser – Everybody’s got some rice in a cupboard! All you have to do is follow directions from The Homemade Experiment and add lovely drops of scenty essential oil to uncooked rice. Yes!
  5. Felt Feather Hanging Freshener– This one is for you crafty types! Make your own air freshener for your closet or car with a piece a felt and some thread! Shades of Blue Interiors has the lowdown on how to make it.

With these easy-peasy aromatherapy options, you’ll be on your way to creating a healing, happy home! By the way, be sure to choose essential oils rather than aromatherapy oils. I know that sounds crazy since we’re talking about aromatherapy. But all oils are not created the same, and you want to get the best value and health quality for your money.

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