You’ve launched a new business or a fab side hustle, and you have a full-time job inside or outside of the home. How do you know when you need a personal assistant?

  1. If you’re hyperventilating while you’re fixing dinner because you have emails to answer that are related to filling orders, you need a personal assistant.
  2. If you’re hyperventilating on your way to work, while grocery shopping, or trying to watch your kid’s gymnastic meet, you need a personal assistant.
  3. If you’re lying awake at night trying to de-stress and instead you start hyperventilating, you need a personal assistant.

Luckily, there’s help. A lot of it. It’s simply up to you to 1) recognize that you need help, 2) find what type you need, and 3) accept it.

Think about it this way: like any executive, in order to achieve growth, you need to spend time on whatever it is that you’re good at, (perhaps the core of what your new business offers) and all the other minutia should be attended to by someone else. If you’re designing swimwear and your expertise is in choosing fabrics and designing the suit, you shouldn’t spend time sewing the garment or stressing about invoices or posting to Instagram. Can you do it all? Yes. Should you? NO!

Make a list of the things you don’t want to do, that you’re not good at, or that you know aren’t a good expenditure of your time. This could include things like bookkeeping, making sales calls, doing research, or even cleaning your home or office. Once you have the list, go find help (and budget $14-$20/hr)!

Try these resources: – For when you’re not exactly ready for a full-time personal assistant but have tasks to complete. Their top three skills are mounting and installation, moving and packing, and furniture assembly, but you can totally enter what you need, such as direct marketing or social media. – Find experts like web developers, writers, virtual assistants, accountants, and consultants to help you with exactly what you need. – They call themselves the “world’s largest and safest marketplace for finding rock star Filipino workers.” Find virtual assistants, WordPress developers, graphic designers, and multimedia staffing.

Once you find someone, remember your management skills. Allow time for people to get to know your style, and once they do, speak up nicely and professionally when something isn’t done correctly:

Let your assistant know your pet peeves:

Congratulate yourself on making the first step and know that you’re on the cusp of changing and moving onto something bigger. Give yourself permission to live bigger — no matter how much it costs. You’ll have peace of mind which is invaluable.

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    1. You can for sure market those services as a freelancer on and other freelance sites. I’m sure there are probably sites specifically for personal chefs. If not, there’s a business model for you ma’am!

  1. Hmmm, the idea is intriguing. I’m sure a lot of busy folks never think about hiring a Virtual Assistant. Can it be a one shot deal? Do they give you a package deal for so many hours? Is it like hiring a babysitter but for completing tasks? Just trying to see how one can fit it in if they are swamped but financially challenged.

    1. There are several ways you can do it. allows you to hire people for different projects. As does But you can hire someone indefinitely on UpWork which is where I found my VA! I can also give you her info too.

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