Be STILL, my beating heart! Velvet is in. It’s back, and it’s giving me LIFE, honey!

It seems velvet made one of its many comebacks in the fall of 2016, tip-toeing in via shoes. We saw it on loafers, boots, strappy heels. It was fabulous. Now, this lovely richness has come back with fresh fortitude on everything from tailored suits to swingin’ skirts.

What makes me so happy about this velvet revolution is that velvet has a place in your life, whether you’re a Good Girl, Bad Girl, Punk, Princess, or Seductress. It offers so many red hot ways to be glamorous! Pair cropped velvet pants with a white T and patent leather flats for walking around town, or glam ‘em up with a fabulously high heel, flowy tunic, and some bangles. Do you enjoy a bomber jacket or a blazer? Go ‘head on, honey. Put either jacket to use with jeans, a pleated skirt, or a mini. Own it, do it, rock it!

Velvet is perfect for all colors. Those dusty roses, emerald greens, and pale periwinkle blues just pop. I know of what I speak because I own velvet shoes in dusty rose, and dresses in emerald green, oxblood red, and cobalt blue velvet. It’s sumptuous in every incarnation.  Have fun with this. Mix and match, or go monochrome while mixing fabrics like sheers and silk with the velvet. Live the lush life, baby!

By the way, when you’re out shopping for this gorgeous stuff, make sure you know what you’re working with in the V department. There IS a difference between velvet and velour. And don’t forget that other stuff, velveteen. Velvet is woven and can be recognized by its softness and gloss. It’s a natural fabric that’s luxurious and deep. It’s that bad boy that freaks out in the rain and is super hard to clean. Velour is velvet’s less affluent kin. A knit fabric, it is often stretchy, a little less shiny, and a little less thick than velvet. (And it costs less!) It drapes nicely, and you’ll likely see dresses and skirts made in this versatile fabric. Velveteen is that hard-headed aunt who’s super inflexible. Compared to velvet, it is stiffer, has less sheen, and doesn’t drape well. Velveteen is often used in accessories like bracelets and such.

So like I said, this velvety look has a place in your life. It is up to you to go get you some!

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