Being a kick ass Diva day-to-day is fab, yes? But is it enough? If your team, your office, your department, or your nanny are the only people who know how great your work is, then being that kick ass Diva is NOT enough.

As you knock out your goals and manage your team throughout the rest of this quarter, I want you to check your To-Do lists to see which initiatives are directed towards expanding your corporate visibility. If you don’t have any tasks that take you out of your internal comfort zone bubble, here are some suggestions to get you kick-started:

  1. What conferences can you attend in the 2nd and 3rd quarters that will allow you to network and spread your Diva magic so that by the 4th quarter 2018 you can see some residual results?
  2. Can you develop and coordinate an off-site retreat targeted to departments that complement yours—whether on different floors, buildings, cities, or countries—that will put you and your fabulousness front and center for all to see and learn from? Being active as a senior leader in your internal employee resource groups is an excellent way to achieve this. Are you leading or sponsoring any internal associations? It doesn’t have to be one that exclusively aligns with your ethnicity.
  3. Contact your internal or external public relations and/or communications team and powwow about opportunities to speak on or present the breakthrough work your department is doing, highlight any new groundbreaking policies you’ve implemented, or point out the strategies you’ve created that can be beneficial to others. While you’re at it, see if your comms department can pitch you to magazines like, Fortune, or Black Enterprise where you can get some additional visibility. If magazines like these don’t know you exist, how could they possibly know to come knocking on your door? Being a shrinking violet is no way to make a name for yourself.

Take some time this upcoming week to jot down more ideas that will give you visibility beyond the four walls of your office. As you brainstorm, be open to some truths you may not have had time to face or obstacles holding you back from being more visible. Maybe you’re in a place where you need to do a round of market testing or personal re-branding before you can get out there and show the corporate world what you’ve got. Maybe it extends beyond what you are already known for.

I found myself in this position with Powerful Penny. While I have achieved tremendous success in my senior executive role with the global corporation I’ve worked for for the last 14 years, I also knew my worth extended beyond that brand in what I had to offer to others. So last year, I launched Powerful Penny LLC in addition to my day job. Not for the visibility, but for the passionate need to help others. But it meant I had to take time (usually between 2 am – 8 am every morning for six months straight) to do  the work needed to get my brand ready for the visible path I knew it deserved, and I started eating Pink Elephants, baby! That’s why you are able to read these blogs today.

Starting from scratch and running my own brand, without corporate dollars, is hard as heck. Not to mention humbling. After all,  you’re a No Name Newbie all over again. But the same level of excellence I bring to my day job, I give to my personal passion enterprise too. You can’t be afraid to take those steps “back” because a Diva knows steps like these are only going to move you forward. And remember, always operate with full transparency, integrity and disclosure no matter whose brand you’re representing.

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