We’re nearing the end of January’s 30-day Budget App challenge. You’ve got until Valentine’s Day to stick to the challenge, and let us know how you’re doing. If you buy any of these items mentioned below, be sure to track ‘em in the app!

February is a great month to show your love. If you love your money as much as your honey bunny, then please jot down these cents-saving suggestions! Love ya, mean it! Muah!

All about the Benjamins, baby.

President’s Day (February 19th) kicks off a bunch of sales that will help keep more Benjamins in your pocket. No need to go crazy just because there’s a sale, baby. Think “investment.” What do you need to replace or finally buy that will provide value and not just take up space? Here are some particularly good things to cash in on:

Say What?

Anybody remember when folks used a camera for taking pix instead of their phones? I personally think this is a trend I’m going to jump back into, and maybe you should, too. If nothing else, you can start a new hobby which is good for the mind and soul. February is a great time to grab a good camera! Traditionally, new camera models will debut this month, which means last year’s models will see some big discounts … so go for it, hobby hunter! (This is one of those times where last year’s pickin’s will have you cheesin’ big time.)

Couch Surfing

Remember when I mentioned the word “investment”? Listen up, sports fans, because when it comes to furniture, this is where you want to spend a little more dime to get in the game. Whether you’re graduating college or getting out of a divorce, you’re gonna want to grab a not-crappy couch so that you can look grown up and independent while you figure out the rest of life. Furniture designs debut in the spring. Shops will start kicking old styles to the curb to make room for the new crew. Get thyself to the showrooms, and cruise the “as is” floor samples for something comfy, delicious, and good looking. Score!

Home Skillet

I came across this article from ATTOM Data Solutions, and for a variety of reasons (like fewer buyers for homes results in lower prices), February turns out to be an amazing month to buy a home! C’mon, newbies! Let’s get on this one. Even if you’re not ready to buy this year, thinking ahead to next February gives you a clear goal to work towards and gives you time to get your finances in order. How cool that you don’t necessarily have to wait for spring or summer to find your first dream home! Love it!

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