Who says you’ve got to wait for a wedding to wear flowers in your hair? Girl, we are getting flirty and floral this month, and flowers in the hair will give you life … whenever you want! Since this isn’t 1968, we want to keep this look updated and cute. To avoid looking like a Hippie Chick (which, okay, if that’s your thing, do you!), you’ll want to try a few tricks.

Less is more:

Clearly, you’re not going to grab a whole bouquet and stick it in on your head like your grandma’s church hat. You’ll want to choose only one or two blooms of your favorite flower, like a rose, daisy, orchid, or fragrant gardenia. So pretty, right? (These flowers also have a sturdy stem and are easier to work with, by the way.) You may also want to add a few wisps of baby’s breath or even a bit of green leaves to keep the look haute.

Location, location, location:

Where you tuck your flowers will be the difference between looking six feet under and sexy. When paired with a sleek chignon, try tucking your gardenia just below the roll and/or behind your ear. Try sweeping your hair to the side in a beautiful thick braid and have that delicate daisy in front of or even just above your ear but level with your eye to draw attention to your beautiful peepers. Going for a free-fall, whimsical look? Or a gorgeously full twist out style? Now is when you can experiment with using 3 or 4 flowers scattered throughout your locks, but a lightweight flower like a daffodil or poppy. Want to romantically sweep your hair up to the side? Try some baby roses or a sprig of lily of the valley tied to a hair comb with floral wire or fishing line.

Look alive:

To keep your flowers looking perky, Allure says to chill the flower in water in the fridge the night before wearing it. No need to look wilty when you’re out to wow!

Here are a few more ideas from The Cut to help you rock your hair with flower power this summer.

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