I love reading books that offer real life examples. And that’s exactly what my friend Bill Pickard, Ph.D., does in his book, Millionaire Moves: 7 Proven Principles of Entrepreneurs. He offers sage, down-home, homespun insights on the hard knocks entrepreneurs have to sometimes (okay, often) endure while they’re movin’ on up to the Eastside of the success ladder. For all of you millennial newbies out there, he specifically hones in on lessons he thinks you need to learn. The earlier the better. Like me, Dr. Bill has a soft spot for you young ‘uns.

And he is a hoot! I had the chance to interview him during his book tour for a Chicago audience, and he kept the audience in stitches recanting some of the life lessons he had learned from his Uncle Paul. Two of my favorite one-liners: “Never try to hustle a hustler” and “Always give the sucker another break.”

We both were in total agreement about the importance that relationships play in getting ahead. No, not relationships with your boo, but the network of contacts you cultivate and build over time.

I say in my lectures to students and young corporate associates time and time again, “If you cultivate relationships early and often, you’ll be successful throughout your career.” Meanwhile, it’s Principle #4 in Doc Bill’s book.

He breaks relationships down for you by explaining why it’s important to get to know people who share your values. He explains how to create a domino effect with the relationships you’ve cultivated over the years and explains the difference between a mentor and a sponsor. (You need both. And they are not one and the same).

The beauty of this quick read is that whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an institutionalized corporate professional like me, all seven principles are important to understand and incorporate into your professional life. Do yourself a favor and grab a copy!

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