Being at the pool in your backyard is so different from being at the pool while on vacation. Am I right? At home, who cares if your cheeks are hanging out a bit and jiggle with every wiggle. When you’re at the resort, suddenly you want to cover UP!  The first step is that we must learn to love our bodies, every jiggle and all, but until then, the second step is to find an amazing cover-up that lets us get down with loving ourselves in style!

But for real, who wants to pay $300 for a cover-up? If you’re like me, you just want to look like you did. Here are a few of my go-tos when I need a little extra coverage for my bare essentials:

Boston Proper – Really cute looks for under $150. Here’s a cute white lace number. When looking for a cover-up, allow yourself to get cute with it. You can do a pullover dress, shorts, a vintage peignoir, or a huge scarf big enough to tie into a sarong. Get creative while you shop.

ASOS – Love this site! So many affordable and fabulous fashions! Plus if you browse their site, you’ll see they make huge efforts as a brand to represent all kinds of body types and people who like to rock fashion in their own unique way. This fun block strip kimono in poppy red is poppin’, and for $18.50, there’s room to get as unique as you want. And if you need more than just a front and back shot — most selections offer a quick video view of the item. LOVE!

Everything But Water – These guys specialize in swimwear, and I’m all about it! Looking for a sarong? Soooo many styles, colors, and lengths for any pool personality. We are headed to Greece and Italy next month to celebrate our second anniversary. I spent an hour and a half on this site over the weekend trying to get my sexy back, since this is where I purchased a lot of my honeymoon swimwear two years ago. Their selection of pareos (a single straight piece of printed cloth that can be worn long or short) is often feminine, flirty, and floaty, and as little as $54.99. Although a lot of them can be expensive. But they are super adorbs.

Venus – Venus began as a start-up in a college dormitory in Florida. We like that, right? They keep it sexy and cheap over there, and this short, black peek-a-boo cover-up doesn’t disappoint. You can also read reviews on this cover-up to let you know if it is really right for you. And $21.99 feels like a pretty good deal!

Victoria’s Secret – Remember what I said about being creative? Vicky’s Secret has scaled back on their swimwear. You can still get cute suits through PINK. But what about sashaying about in an $98.00 ultra-sexy, black , lace, kimono robe? Radical or Radically Sexy? Fashion is about making up your own rules. I say go for it!

Summer is waning! Get out there girl, now while the gettin’ is good!

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