We’re nearing the end of January. Now is the time to get your Pink Elephants to turn Green! What does this mean, honeys? Well, you’ve had time to get over the shock, awe, and excitement of a new year. I need you to concentrate on what’s super important now, and that is your prosperity in the land of the green, green valley … or money.

What are your Prosperity Goals for 2018? Have you even sat down to seriously think about them? If not, stop what you’re doing—laundry, shopping, eating or otherwise—just stop and sit your butt down. Put your thinking cap on and ask yourself: “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how do I want my money to grow?”

Make a vision board for yourself (shameless plug, but I really do sell a fantastic 2018 Annual Vision Board Planner at www.powerfulpenny.com that I’m sure you’ll love). Visualize how you want to be prosperous. Do you want to have financial freedom and clear your debt? Or does it mean you finally want to make money your “B” (as in budget) and land on a budget you can keep? Are you finally going to take the plunge now that you’re, say, 30 and start contributing to the 401K that your company offers? Yes, I know you like the extra cash in your paycheck and retirement seems like light years away, but it isn’t. So is 2018 your year to think about long-term prosperity and start stashing your cash? Or does prosperity mean you can finally start your side hustle (i.e., selling real estate) and make your money grow that way?

Now stop. Don’t go down a rabbit hole and get so overwhelmed you can’t make one dang decision because the task is too big. Step back, see your green elephant, and take a piece off. (Start with … let’s say … an ear). You can’t start selling real estate until you have a real estate license. Right? So, Google the real estate licensing process. That’s one ear down. See! You’re already making progress. Go for the other ear and find out when the next test takes place in your area. Start nibbling at, say, the trunk, and buy a book that helps you study for the test. Or go for the entire trunk, and take a prep class.

My point is everything doesn’t have to happen now, grasshoppers! The idea is to take your time, but you gotta stay in action. Or what happens? Nothin’. Yup, nothin’. You’ll be doing laundry or shopping or eating or otherwise, and it’ll be June and ain’t no prosperity showed up nowhere because you didn’t plan for it. And then you’ll be all depressed, and I’ll have to write a blog post about dealing with depression when your dreams don’t come true. Sigh. So much pressure on me.

Spare me the hassle. Get to planning. Get green with your Pink Elephants. Need an extra boost? You got ten. 10! Go as hard at it as you can for 10 straight months. Or 10 straight days, or even 10 straight hours. That adrenaline boost may be just what you need to jump-start yourself. Take ‘em where they come and give me those 10. You can do it. Report back here. I want to see progress so that you can prosper. Good luck!

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