What does it mean to be glamorous? Well, lesson for today, Glamorous comes from the Scottish gramarye meaning “magic, enchantment, spell.” Exciting, right?

To me, being glamorous is something that starts on the inside and exudes its way to the outside. So I’m always ready for a close-up red carpet moment. What do I mean by this? When I feel best about myself it’s because I’m on point with my daily self-care routine. I’ve made it to boxing class at least two times in one week; I’ve started each day sipping hot lemon water while reading Joel Osteen’s Your Best Life devotional; I’ve chanted to my bathroom-mirrored reflection “I am beautiful and everyone loves me.” And I’ve congratulated myself for a job well done. Each day I incorporate these small habit-forming baseline steps, my day-to-day life then becomes merely about maintaining. Versus constant improvements. See the difference?

Maintaining an inner glamatude ultimately requires…did ya hear that…? requires a level of external glamour as well. I accept and deserve nothing less. There’s nothing vain about wanting to look and perform at your optimal best.

Is it Sunday? Let me keep on preachin’. So, if I deserve and demand to look good, I’m going to go that extra step to serve ME. Glamorously. How do I do it day-to-day? It starts with my clothes, certainly. I am impeccable with planning what I wear for the week, and even more so when I have red carpet galas to attend, speeches to make or interviews to give. I don’t like surprises and I’m a Girl Scout (no seriously, I sit on their board of directors). So, I live their motto, Be Prepared. Translation: Whenever I step out the door I am always prepared to look my ultra, red-hot best! For a long time that meant sans lipstick because it took my face a really looong time to grow into the host site for my lips. So I downplayed my lips well into my 30’s as much as I could. But NOW? Did you check out the photo that goes with this post? That’s ME proudly wearing lipstick. And I gotta say, it’s one of my favorite girly girl things!

Look Live - Lipstick Cheryl

Girl, with my favorite Tom Ford’s SOLEIL LIP FOIL in Sea Dragon I’m as glama-licious as Gabrielle Union, Lena Horn, J-Lo and Sofía Vergara all rolled into one! Tom’s colors are simply divine dahling. But at $36 – $60 a pop – they can set a girl back. Especially an indecisive one like me who sheds about $300 every time I revolve a door into a Sephora or an Ultra. So in keeping with my high-low motto (which is: just because I have money doesn’t mean I have to spend all of it) I have backups. I love my price-busting options (always remember: #walletwinning!). Check out drugstore brands NYX and e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face). The colors are simply to die for and the quality ain’t too shabby either! Both will get you through a day of glamour. Just keep your mirror nearby to check for more frequently needed touch-ups. For my nude demure look, I go for NYX’s shimmery Sponge Cake gloss ($5) and e.l.f. has a Berry Sorbet liquid matte (also $5) that puts me in my happy pink place. For a little more dough, ($17.50) I’ve long been smitten with MAC’s Ruby Woo (decadent 1940s-style matte red) and the color that started my unabashed love affair with lipstick when all I wanted was for my full lips to look as naturally naked as possible, Hug Me.  #MustTry!

Look live - $5 lipstick

Please, get glammed on the inside and layer some lip love on the outside, ‘cause you never know how far away your close up moment just might be!

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