Let’s get one thing straight. All of the hair on my head that you see is usually not all my own, and I have no shame in my game about it. Sometimes I will rock my own hair, but mostly I love a longer mane. Let’s be real. Women (and men) have been adding hair to their Diva look since Cleopatra’s time. I LIKE keeping with tradition!

I had a stylist who fondly referred to her weaves as “added glamour.” And any added glamour or enhancement that makes you feel better, then I’m for it. BUT we know that not all remedies are created equal, including hair. ESPECIALLY hair.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to added glamour. Your STYLIST can clip, sew, glue, (please don’t—that glue literally rips hair from your scalp), tape, or micro-link strands or wefts of hair to your head. I emphasize the word STYLIST because weaves and extensions should not be DYI projects. Finding a fab salon or knowledgeable and creative hair artist is soooo KEY!

We see plenty of women, some of them stars and public personalities, with hair situations that truly need to be locked up! They have money for “good hair” (I presume), and yet leave the house or their set chair looking crazy! I don’t like to name names, but Gayle King, WHY can’t you get hair that looks natural and not like your grandmother’s $39.99 wig? You represent us all on your national platform, but that wig (?), full weave (?), really is embarrassing. I’m sorry. Tell your stylist he/she can/must do better! On behalf of Black Women everywhere.

Look, divas, you make six figures. You can afford really good hair! If it’s matting – like you teased it – at the nape of your neck, it ain’t good hair. If it’s shedding like your Siberian husky in the springtime, it ain’t good hair. If it’s so shiny people can check their makeup in it, it looks like fake hair, which means it ain’t good especially if the normal texture of your hair is coarse. If your hair doesn’t move when your head does, that’s not a sew-in or a wig. That’s a helmet. (I’m throwing shade, oh yes, I am). And begging you, divas, please don’t be that woman!

The secret for a “does she or doesn’t she?” look is matching the density, texture, thickness, and COLOR as closely as possible with that of your own hair. And if you can, leave a bit of your own hair out! I always do so. It blends nicely with the extensions to give me a longer, fuller but more natural look. Don’t be afraid to go with short looks like curly bobs and pixies. These can look super amazing and natural as well. Another tip? Don’t leave home without looking at your hair from the back using two mirrors. You do not want tracks showing or hair sticking up in all kinds of ways that will not only give you away but just won’t look good. We don’t want none of that!

I’ve purchased hair from all over. Made a special trip to California one time on a stylist’s suggestion. But I stand firm on my recommendation that Glamluxe right here in Chicago is the best place I’ve ever gotten hair. You can get hair here online right now. I find the hair to be very natural looking. You can color it. And they make AMAZINGLY strong clip-ins. I purchased hair there more than five years ago that still looks great, and the sturdy clips still work. I’ve had other stylists make me clip-ins that didn’t last past the first week! [Sigh.]  I’m pretty confident that when I wear my Glamluxe clip-in extensions you can’t tell it’s not mine! Need more info?

One of my best friends, George Fuller of Be GEorgeous, is a celebrity hair and makeup artist who also has some great tips on his website. (And HIS hair is to die for.) Here’s more from InStyle and lots of info from Bellatory.

Whether you go with hair that’s not your own is definitely a love-hate thang, but I’m all for it and encourage you to go ahead and try something new! You just might find a style and a look that you’ll absolutely love!

P.S. When I’m in full throttle manic-workout-to-lose-some-serious-weight mode, I’ll go with a full wig. I’m still trying to find a wig that leaves people wondering “Is she or isn’t she wearing a wig?” I’ve seen Instagram images of a wig master in Atlanta I may give a try. But if you know of someone, leave their information in the comments section. Please and thank you!

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