Alright ladies, I’ve got a confession to make. I love mini skirts…on other people!  I mean, I know I’ve got long legs; showing them off should be fun, but my knees get in the way! I don’t really like them, so I tend to wear skirts and dresses that fall just below my knees to elongate my curvy body (AND hide my knees). That’s my reality.

Your body is your body, and you should be able to dress it in the way that makes you happy. I truly believe that to my core. Then again, the reality: I also want you to look gooood! You’ve gotta know what looks good on you and your body type. Haven’t you ever seen someone in public and thought to yourself, “doesn’t she have a mirror at home?”  or  “What was she thinking?!” And maybe because I’m so insecure about my mushy knees, I’m hyper sensitive about how you look in your mini skirt too. This particular piece of clothing can cause quite a stir in fashionista-land for reasons you can probably imagine.

So the question becomes, how long can you wear a mini skirt? The answer is up to you. Obvs. But let me share a few tips of wisdom to help you along just in case your home is absent a full length mirror or your BFF really isn’t your BFF ‘cause she let’s you come out in public looking any kind of way. Here are my tips to help you decide:

  1. Age ain’t nothing but a number, but the length of your mini skirt is. How long is your mini skirt? If it falls to about 5─6 inches above your knee and it actually sits nicely on your hips, thighs, and butt, you just might be good. Do a mirror test (see why having one in your house is useful?). Look for these telltale signs that you should not be in a mini:

If you sadly answered “Uh-huh” to any of these, then dear heart please take it  off and either go with a much longer skirt with material that gives, OR try an A-line mini made of a flowy material like silk, cotton, or jersey.

  1. Size matters. Once again, size DOES matter! If you are wearing a mini that is just below your kitty cat in the front or barely covers your bum in the back… ummm … I think that mini is toooo mini. You want to look good, not grody to the max. I mean, I know yesterday and today’s fashion is giving us these skirts, but that doesn’t mean you’re the one who’s gotta or even should wear it! Leave the band-aid mini to the cool punk rockers and high fashion runway models. (If you’re either of these, carry on, sister!) But taste should be a core stable that is factored into your decision-making process when it comes to dressing.  Perhaps consider trying  a cute jean skirt that has a length that allows you to comfortably walk up and down stairs without having to tug on it to make sure you’re not showing your goodies.
  2. How jammy are your gams? In other words, what kinda jiggle have you got going on in the cellulite (aka “cottage cheese”) department? No side eye here, ‘cause I got my own jiggle to juggle, but if you’re gams aren’t as smooth as they could be, think about how much you want to show. Still wear the skirt, sister, but look at modifications! Again, maybe step into a longer mini to cover a bit more cheese; OR, my favorite, put on some tights or hose (not “nude”!!) to cover your legs. There are so many cute styles of hose to accessorize with that you can create a really nice sophisticated or sporty look just by dressing up your legs so that your mini looks amazing. Try anything from a monochrome look, such as black on black, or go fun with stripes or colors. Express yourself!

The point to this Powerful Penny mini fashion moment is Be You. Just make sure that you look gooood! You will thank me later!

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