I don’t know about y’all, but getting into the nuts and bolts of why you have more money woes than wows can go beyond simply learning how to balance your checkbook. Believe me! This task alone can be hard. Those $34+ overdraft fees are no joke, honey!

In Girl, Get Your Money Straight: A Sister’s Guide to Healing Your Bank Account and Funding Your Dreams in 7 Simple Steps, Glinda Bridgforth lays it on the line and tells us that maybe we’re having money troubles because of our emotional conditioning – like, how we think and feel about money and our history with money.  I loved this book (and her entire series)!

“Black women … may be especially weighted down by negative messages from our families and the larger society regarding both our personal and economic status … so our financial affairs often mirror an underlying personal sense of inadequacy.”


When you were a kid, if you wanted something, be it tickets to a concert with your high school besties or a new mystery book, what did your parents say? Did you hear things like, “NO, we can’t afford it!” or “Sure, how much allowance do you need to save to get that?” or “Let me think about it,” only to not get an answer until you pestered for one? All these types of answers can create lasting effects on your association with and feelings about your own money. Think about it:

Glinda can help with that! She gets down and dirty with identifying what needs to be healed in your economic and financial life by looking at “The Road to Financial Freedom” (Ch 1); taking a “Closer Look at History” (Ch 2) and examining “Money in the Family” (Ch 3). She then offers seven prescriptions to get you financially healthy and fit like setting financial goals, tracking spending and saving consistently.

This book really helped me to get myself in shape. Y’all know I don’t recommend what I don’t try myself, so give this book a try and get excited about where you can be with your money by year end!

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