If there is one thing that irks me more than when folks don’t open the vent in a jacket, it’s when women are click clacking down the street or on a marble floor in a pair of heels that are tore up from the floor up! Ladies, if you are walking down the hall and you hear a click-tink-click-tink, that means that you have lost the cover of your heel and you’re stompin’ around on a metal stud. Not good. Not cool. Not sexy. Not professional. This is often the sign of a cheaper shoe. That’s okay. I’m not saying that you go out and spend $200 on a pair of heels. What I am saying is that you go out and spend $20 at the cobbler and get that ish taken care of ─ pronto!

And speaking of heels, I’ve had more than a few male friends tell me one of THEIR irks is when women (and you men!) have those dusty elephant heels that are dryer than dry and cracked like the fault lines in the Sahara Desert. If you don’t have time to take care of your feet and toes, then you know what you’ve gotta do … DON’T WEAR SHOES THAT SHOW YOUR TOES OR HEELS! With my busy schedule, I can’t always make it to the nail salon for a pedicure. That’s why y’all see me wearing a whole lot of PUMPS!

But it’s spring, so I want us to do better and make time. See this as an opportunity to give yourself a dose of self-care (real self-care that is aligned with how you give and make time for your lovely self).

Take your Powerful Penny Vision Board calendar, pick a Sunday within the next four weeks, and make it a Heel Me day! That means you’ll gather all your shoes that need fixin’, ESPECIALLY the ones that are on the brink of *needing* repair, so that you don’t have a weeble-wobble surprise when you’re struttin’ down your own Park Avenue. Gather them up for drop off to your local shoe guy or gal. Do this before work on Monday or on your lunch hour. You should expect to have your shoes back, polished and re-heeled, no later than a week.

Then, you’ll spend the rest of your Sunday giving yourself a well-required heel-intensive pedi. You’ll need a foot bath and pumice stone, a heel scrub (make your own if you like. Here’s a no-excuses list of DIY foot scrubs), and a deep moisturizer. Coconut oil works a miracle, especially with repeated use over time. Rub it on your feet at night, or have your significant other do it with/for you for some intimate couple time. Throw on some socks, and your heels should be soft and supple in no time.

I recently purchased a paraffin wax bath. Can I just say, “ahhhhh” and “ahhhhh” again. For the $39.99 I spent, it alleviates the hassle of making appointments on someone else’s time. And I can pamper my feet as often and whenever I like.

LOOK LIVE - Heel me parafin tub


And if you want fast results for under $10, I can’t extol the virtues of Flexitol Heel Balm enough. As the tube promises, you WILL see visible results in just one day, and it is diabetic friendly. I keep a tube next to my nightstand in every house.

LOOK LIVE : Heel balm

Bottom line: there is NO excuse for cracked, dry heels. We talk a lot here about making lasting impressions. It would truly suuuuuuck to walk into a room as a star and exit a dud due to some crappy heels. Get thyself together, sister. You deserve it!

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