There’s one little known fact about me and heels. I’ve been wearing heels since I was 15 years old. I felt super undressed without them. In fact, my flat feet begged for them! Lately though, I’ve been craving sexy flats for the sheer day-to-day comfort of it. I love that I have some options to still feel sexy and not have to rock a stiletto … especially when I know I gotta OJ-it through an airport! The question is: Where do you get great looking shoes at a great price point?

I’ve consulted with a few friends on this one because I know that folks can get funny about their shoes. Like real funny! I like my designer brand just as much as the next girl, but I talked to a friend who doesn’t care sooo much about the brand as long as the shoe fits. That means her choices for finding a great heel are a bit more open than, say, the woman who MUST shop on Rodeo Drive.  Or than like me who loves Jimmy Choo, Sophia Webster, Stuart Weitzman, and Anne Klein flexibles equally, and simply must have them since these brands fit my feet wonderfully.

LOOL LIVE - Jimmy Choos I wore these Jimmy Choo’s on my wedding day, and I still swoon over them.

Sophia Webster is whimsical and escapism at its finest.

More often than not, you’ll find me wearing a pair of stiletto pumps. Stuart Weitzman’s fit me best.

But it’s Anne Klein’s Iflex shoes I spend more time in these days as I dash through airports.

I could shop online for shoes all day, every day, and Zappos  and DSW are two of my favorite online destinations. But I asked around, and here are some well-heeled suggestions from other friends in the know:


“Nordstrom Rack!” – BC

I am a bargain hunter at The Rack! I know how to get in there and get dirty to grab that pair of Fendi slides or Stuart Weitzman pumps.

“Goodwill all day long!” – VR

I refuse to pay full price for a pair of heels when I can go to Goodwill, do some diligent searching, and get a new or gently-used pair of heels for much, much less.

“Friends in high places.” – PC

I was an assistant for an exec in Hollywood, and I was the grateful recipient of some fabulous shoes that were gifted to her or even purchased that she simply didn’t want!

“Century 21 in New York!” – TJ

I am a shoe fiend. I am in Century 21 as often as I can. The deals get me excited. I can’t get enough!

With these four examples, I challenge you to think out of the shoe box to acquire those fabulous heels you’ve been coveting or needing. My thought, though, is if you get a great deal on a heel, then that means your sole should really be “heeled” with a second pair! Or better yet, shop and order from one of these four female black shoe designers I came across! I love the heeled looks from Aminah Abdul Jillil and StellaHues. These shoes should be worth every penny! If anyone has tried them out, let me know!


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