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Diet is not the only ingredient of a long happy life. Physical excercise is also important for your health and beauty.


See how your life becomes a pleasant adventure, full of bright colors and fun activities. Meet new friends as well.


Eating habits should be regulated and controlled – only natural organic food will make our body healthy and strong.

Get Healthy And Vibrant for Good

Increase your energy
For my private health coaching clients, I created a personalized roadmap to health, using a holistic view of my clients’ lives. Along with the diet and food choices, I also consider such factors as exercise, work, relationship, sleep, stress, environment, medical and family history, and lifestyle when coaching someone on how to create their health journey. Change your health in one day!

Meet My Team

Carole Burke

Fitness Instructor

Author of several unique training programs that combine various workouts and innovative nutrition approach.

Claire Diaz

Medicinal Herbalist

I believe that herbs are the great and underrated source of energy, healing powers and beneficial substances.

Elra Nih

Fitness Instructor

I am happy to help people find new way of life – with healthy and tasty food, proper exercises and enthusiasm.

Terry Davis


Certified doctor will help you to identify any GI problems and choose the best treatment or prevention program.

A Fresh Approach To Health & Life


Level Up

You want the winning edge right? Cheryl Grace’s LEVEL UP Accelerated Bootcamps promise you just that!


All eyes on you

When nothing but individualized attention will do (and for you executives and other A-personality types, yes, I’m talking to you) you’ll want to work with me directly.

Corporate Capabilities

Empower your employees

Turnover is costly. Learn more about our corporate capabilities to retain your best talent.

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A fresh start for your health and wellbeing

90 minute consultation via Skype.
Personalised pdf nutrition, movement
and self care plan.

Learn how to track your habits for greater results
2 1 hour Skype or phone 1-2-1 coaching sessions.   Unlimited email support.
Create a more balanced life. Heal your relationship with food

2 1 hour Skype or phone 1-2-1
coaching sessions.
Unlimited email support.


Tell everybody – I did what Cheryl said to do and it worked!

Pam Nelson

The Pandemic thwarted my internship opportunities so I graduated with zero experience, and a pretty barren resume. I learned from Cheryl the importance of an accomplishment-based resume, networking and informational interviews. I landed an internship, honed my elevator pitch and in eight short months started receiving competing offers. Cheryl taught me how to negotiate and I started my first job with a salary that was $40,000 over my initial goal

Ryan Sayre, Business Analyst, Loop Capital, Chicago

Our initial professional development series with Powerful Penny LLC was so empowering, impactful and educational for our initial cohort 0f 28 associates and executives we immediately booked Cheryl for a second cohort of an additional 28. We also continue to use her 90-minute workshops to motivate our associates at large.

Sherri Dublin, VP, DEI, Culture, Engagement and Communications, Ingredion, Chicago