“Oops, she did it again.” Only it wasn’t no OOPS! It was a blaring ON PURPOSE, and I’m talking about how my sister likes to put stuff on Facebook that she has no business putting on Facebook!

I know I’m not alone in this. Whether it’s politics, super insensitive or even racial jokes, airing personal grievances meant for a journal or therapist, or too many gosh darn pics of FOOD, you know what I’m talking about.

FAMILY - Facebook

I vent on Facebook, too, and somebody somewhere is irritated by that. I have even offended my family, and there have been some heated Facebook-inspired “discussions.” Some healthy, some not so much, and this brings me to how I had to block my sister on Facebook to save our relationship.

I love my sister. Truly, I do. But her social media habits truly make me crazy and even mad! I go to FB for a fun release, for work with Powerful Penny, and for the purpose of catching up with friends or getting news. I do NOT go to FB to catch a fight or to cause a fight or to be confrontational. My sister is the exact opposite. It’s passive aggressive flat screen behavior, and at one point, I reached the conclusion that I could not be FB friends with her. So I unfriended her. Oh, yes I did. Matter of fact, “unfriending” runs rampant in our family. We’ll be at the holiday dinner table, and someone will comment about a post that was on one of our family members’ pages. Then there are some blank looks that subtly float across the table that say, “She’s friends with you but not me? What’s that about?” I’ve gotten to the point where I just shrug it off and keep it moving.

One of my bridesmaids jokingly said I should stop constantly posting how in love I was on Facebook. I was a NEWLYWED! As I was nodding with my head, I was unfriending her with my index finger, and making plans to hang out with her the following weekend. That’s the beauty of social media! You have the right to share, in your voice, what YOU want to share. And anyone who isn’t down for your views (or love marathons) is free to go visit someone else’s page, either on their own or by being involuntarily unfriended. It’s liberating. It is relationship saving.

I suggest you try this for your own sanity. It is SO worth it!

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