What goes around comes around, right? I especially love this when it comes to fashion! And we do get lucky this spring because the oh-so-lovely Lilac is getting her shine again!

But is lilac a color that everyone can wear? Luckily, this little pastel pretty can be flattering to almost every skin tone! It’s super cute for our beautiful chocolate sisters and just as lovely for those fair skinned sisters with warmer undertones. From the style gurus, this purple passion isn’t necessarily as pleasing on paler skin with cooler undertones, however.

You know what I say? If YOU like it, I like it! You know why? Nobody said you had to be in lilac from head to toe! If you want to rock the color either because you love it or love fashion, go for it!

Here are a few ways to do it:

Go Low

Who wouldn’t want to tip walk in these Alexandre Birman stilettos? If lilac is not your signature color, wearing the color low on the body and away from your dear face certainly won’t put you on the fashion police list of Do’s and Don’ts!

LOOK LIVE - Lilac stilettos

Go High

You February babies are lucky ‘cause you get to be chic just for blazing your amethyst birthstone. For the rest of us, why not get bejeweled in some lovely lilac Bounkit beauties like these:

LOOK LIVE - Lilac bling


For my hot mommas, here is a sassy Venus jumpsuit in a li’l deeper color that can go from Friday night cocktails with your main squeeze to a Sunday brunch with the girls depending on how you dress it up or dress it down. You go on with your bad self in this one, honey!

LOOK LIVE - Lilac jumper

Since y’all know how quickly fashion can come and go, I suggest you jump on this hot trend real quick so that you can enjoy this springtime sizzle … no matter your skin tone. You can thank me later!

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