Well, sweet-peas, here we are in a brand-spankin’ new year full of potential and possibilities. Excited? Good, so am I. You know what I’m really excited about? Saving you money, honey! January is a good month for buying those elusive gym memberships to get our butts in shape, stocking up on fall fashions for next year, buying a mattress, and launching a personal finance or budget tracking app, and there are dozens of other fabulous ways to help keep your wallets fat in the new year.

Fall Fashion Slashing 

We’ve all been there. It’s December. You’re out supposedly shopping for your sister’s holiday gift. But if you’re at all like me, it plays out more like this: one gift for her, two for me. This goes for EVERY person on your list! So you come home with three cashmere sweaters and a bee-yu-ti-ful pair of tassel suede boots, all for you, because, you know: “It’s on sale!” Listen, I learned it’s better to hold off on that instant gratification, and going forward into the new year, I want you to as well. Why? Because January brings such a satisfying slash in prices on fall items that you’ll wind up with one gift for her, THREE, FOUR, OR FIVE gifts for you! You may have a slightly harder time finding your size or the color you wanted, but that’s where your personal style and creativity comes in. You’ll still look fly, but for less. I call that #WalletWinning!


Bedknobs & Broomsticks

A new mattress is probably the last item you want to put on your list. But IF you need a new one, (because like the princess and the pea, you feel every bump and lump that’s accumulated in your mattress over the last twenty years; or your doctor said your mattress is at the root of your jacked up back problems; or you keep running out of Rihanna’s new Fenty foundation shades attempting to cover up the bags under your eyes because you can’t get eight straight hours of peaceful zzz’s ) then you are going to need a quality mattress.  Lucky for you, my lovelies, January is a great month to buy a new one. Retailers want to get rid of last year’s inventory so great deals abound. ST (Shopping Tip:) buy store brands. They offer the same quality minus the cost of advertising that name brands add to their final price tags.

Buh-bye Money Eating Vortexes!

Look, I know you think managing/ tracking your moo-lah ain’t easy. NOT. TRUE. You just need to set things up NOW at the beginning of the year to help you track where your money goes. There’s an app for that, honey. LOTS of them. They help you log purchases, set spending limits, and keep track of your bank balances, so you can save for that new Louis Vuitton bag. Do it once, like NOW, at the beginning of the year. Then you won’t have to worry about it.  Here’s a great list of Android and iOS financial apps to choose from on Tom’s Guide. Check out all 25 options. Most are free. Some aren’t. (I always start with the free ones.) My fav is Mint. But I’m open to trying some of the others, too — like Acorns that helps me do micro investing from my spare change, yah-uh).


Up for a 30-day challenge? I find 30-day challenges an excellent way of pushing myself to new levels of successdom. Here’s this month’s Prosperity Challenge: Download one of the finance or budget apps. Try it CONSISTENTLY for 30 days (through February 14). Then check back here with your comments about the ones you think we should recommend to others. What you learned. What sucked. And most importantly, what stuck. I’m kicking off the 30-day challenge on Monday, January 15 – Martin Luther the King’s birthday through Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, 2018. Are you in? Sign up here. Let us know which app you’re trying out and how it’s working for you. Send us weekly updates on FB, Instagram, and Twitter.

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