July is that crazy lazy month where you just sorta want to be a kid again with no worries but when you’ll meet your friends at the pool. Alas, we are now adults with kids or cats or mortgages and summer shapes up a differently now, right? Luckily, with adulting comes little pleasures, like holiday shopping. July is a good month to catch some hot deals on cool stuff. Take a look!


Patriotic Pleasantries

What is a 4th of July party without flag motif plates, napkins and table cloths? Most retailers will have you covered with some pretty decent sales. If you can, shop as close to the 4th as you can as price tags will start to slash closer to the holiday. And if you’re a planner, make a run on July 5th and 6th and stock up for next year on all things stars and stripes which could be marked down 70-80% or more.

Prosperity: Amazon

Amazon Prime Day

With an $119 annual Amazon Prime subscription, you may want to check out Amazon Prime Days.  What’s this you say? This discount shopping day began in 2015 in honor of Amazon’s 20th birthday; the annual celebration has continued. An online sale-athon, members only can find great discounts on all things Amazon. The date has yet to be confirmed, but is expected to be held on or around July 17 per sleuths at Gamespot and DealNews.com. Expect discounts on electronics, apparel and homegoods. Some say the gettin’ is good on the goods and others say, “meh!”. If you’re a member, it’s probably worth a gander yourself to make your own decision.

Prosperity: Christmas in July

Christmas in July

As you’re out shopping for pool rafts and beach towels, also take a spin through stores like Home Depot for deep discounts. To mark the half-way point of the year, many stores may offer some surprising savings on stuff from apparel to home goods. Some retailers like Walmart and Forever 21 have sprung Black Friday in July deals in the past perhaps to compete with Amazon Prime Day and 4th of July sales. Now could be the time to get some of those items you’ve been waiting to scoop up.

Nerdwallet.com has some more tips on what to buy in July and what to skip.


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