Ahh, March … Is this not one of the most schizophrenic months of the year? I’m in Chicago, and with our weather, March can’t decide if it should be naughty or nice! Luckily, there are other things we can do this month to combat any bad behavior coming from Mother Nature.

March - Frozen Food

If you didn’t know (and who amongst us did?), March is National Frozen Food Month which means that March is a good month to stock up on frozen foods. Perfect for the chilly willy weather, right? Lucky for us, the frozen food industry likes to offer us some super-duper deals. In fact, DealNews.com mentions that brands like Green Giant, Dole, Eggo, Jimmy Dean, Pepperidge Farms, and Bob Evans serve up great coupons that are yours for the clipping. So be on the lookout for dough-saving deals.

By the way, our theme this month is all about creating multiple revenue streams. So, it’s pretty cool that March is also a good month to have a rummage sale! That’s old school, y’all, for what’s now called garage sales or yard sales. But they’re all one and the same. You can sell some stuff so that you can stuff your pockets with some unanticipated cha-ching! I had a garage sale about three years ago and made more than $600 off what I considered junk. Who knew? Now YOU do.

What this really means is it’s time to get your butt moving on your spring cleaning! Take one weekend to hunt down all the things that are cluttering your space, and once you’ve collected them, put them into categories: donate, chuck, or sell. Then, when you’re ready (and when the weather is expected to be nice[er]), take another weekend to have your Le Grande Rummage! They actually make kits that help you with signs, price tags, etc.  . Whatever is left over, call 1-800 Got Junk, and they’ll come out and haul everything away for you. Bada bing, bada boom! You’re starting your spring off clutter-free, painlessly.

MARCH - Vasectomy

Speaking of pain, you’re going to love this link to ReadersDigest.com that points out that March is also known for a 50% spike in vasectomies. (OUCH!) The reason? Pure madness.

To quote ReadersDigest.com: According to doctors at the Cleveland Clinic, the number of vasectomies surges by 50 percent during the first week of March Madness. Why? Patients typically need “at least a day with ice” to keep swelling down, says urologist Stephen Jones, MD, “So if they’re going to spend a whole day doing nothing, it’s not hard to figure out that they’d want to do it on a day they’d like to be sitting in front of the television.”  Can March Madness get any crazier?!

While we’re on the topic of pain, March is also a good month to do your taxes. I hope you’re not like me, out with last-minute revelers at the main post office on April 15th when the clock strikes midnight. I’m usually there doing a happy dance that I made the deadline (barely) again. This year, I’m ready though because I signed up to receive an electronic copy of my W-2s, so I’m almost done with my taxes. Nah nah nah nah nah nah. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a little money back, and this will be more cha-ching for your pockets. (And BTW … is Illinois the ONLY state that makes you add any refunds you got from the state the year before to your Federal taxes? That always has me scratching my head.) This year, there’s probably going to be a lot of that head scratching going on. I think the new tax bill passed in 2017, so there may be some changes in the deductions you’re used to taking advantage of. But that could all be fake news, so be sure to get started early, and double triple check your sources!

Make it a great month, and think about ways you can increase your revenue stream.

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