May is a pretty darn good month. Spring has sprung, offering those close-to-summer nights that make us feel like it is finally safe to unwrap and thaw out our souls yearning for sun! For you May birthday babies, this month is already great, right? You have your emerald birthstone to keep you dripping in luxurious jewels. You’re blessed by not one, but two goddesses. The month of May is named after Maia, the Roman Goddess of Fertility, and Maia, the Greek Goddess of Growth. Hello, #GoddessPower. AND May houses Taurus and Gemini, two interesting signs known to be irresistible depending on whom you ask! I’m down for all this May greatness, and my birthday is in January!

The month of May is also great for a bunch of other things. From taking care of baby to getting a buff body, check out what we’ve got for you.

PROSPERITY: Save on baby strollers

May is a good month to buy baby stuff like high chairs and strollers. Choosing the right stroller to get your precious one out to a playdate and back home to a playpen can be daunting, considering the price ranges can resemble a house payment and the functionality can range from super simple to a Jetson’s spaceship. Luckily, Consumer Reports offers tips on buying a baby stroller in their Stroller Buying Guide.

PROSPERITY: Home improvement

Speaking of house payments, May is also a good month to get invested in your next home improvement project. This month, you should see some nice discounts on external paints and wood stains so that you can get to staining your deck or finally painting your home to up its curb appeal. You should also see discounts on roofing, siding, and decking materials. This is great since the weather is starting to get nice in most parts of the U.S., and you can get out there and get to work!


Surprise, surprise! With summer coming, those sneaky fitness gyms know you’ll be thinking about a hot bod once again. You should start seeing alluring, ab-poppin’ ads for waived membership fees, bring-a-friend deals, or “Hey, join today, and we’ll give you this free water bottle!” Shape Magazine has some tips on how to save money on a gym membership.

May is also a good month to give yourself a good “deal,” too. Take some time to discount how much you spend on people who don’t make you happy. Shave down those negative thoughts you have about yourself when you don’t accomplish all that you wanted to in a day, week or month. And I encourage you to steal more time with your loved ones this month.

If you need help documenting and keeping track of all those items you’re gonna save on, you can still get your very own Powerful Penny Vision Board Planner.

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