When most people think about pillow talk, their brains run to conversations held by couples after they’ve done the nasty! I, on the other hand, instantly think, “It only takes a couple to GLAM UP a room!” I’m talking about the actual pillows, of course, while you’re focused on the conversation. What is wrong with you? LOL!

Throw/accent/toss pillows are a quick and easy way to change a room from drab to dynamic in an instant.  And if you’re like me and get b-o-r-e-d with a room quickly, you can use these lovelies to satiate your stylish whim without having to do a “strip down to the studs” home re-design. And they can be purchased at every price point ─ an added bonus.

Wherever you can you add a dash of color, texture, or tone – consider that a pillow opportunity!

Start with the living room, for example. If purple is your favorite color, but you don’t want to paint your walls purple, try glamming things up with velvety, deep purple pillows. This can add more drama than Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns with different textures. The secret is to stay within the same color family to add the depth and dimension you’re seeking.

Wanna look professional? It’s all in the arrangement, baby. For your sofa, go with an odd number combo like three or five pillows, rather than two or four. Place two on the left and three on the right. Also, start with the larger pillows first and work your way down in size, using the smaller pillows last if they’re stacked in front of each other.

How about in your boudoir, where your version of pillow talk takes place? (Oooh, I get excited just thinking about the possibilities!) Here’s where I tend to go pillow crazy because swapping out comforters, duvets, spreads, and quilts can get dang pricey. Not to mention, where the heck do you KEEP all of the bulky bedding when you’re not using it? But pillows? The options are endless. First, you can find them in millions of styles. You can go Victorian, 40s Vintage, 60s Mid-Century, Ultra Modern. Whichever floats your era-boat.  You can go with one-tone or more. Textures, printed, beaded, buttoned, or my fave, tassels! You might prefer satin in the wintertime and linen in the summer. (I’ve never been a fan of damask, but if that’s you, then hey, go for it.) The beauty about pillows is you can buy different pillow COVERS and switch ‘em out for seasonal situations. Can’t you hear the angels singing?

Bed Pillows - Pillow Talk - Look Live Fabulous

To arrange them, I love to start with a base of Euro pillows, which are the big square ones that measure 26″x 26″. If you have a king-sized bed, you’ll need three of these at a minimum. Two for a queen-size or double bed, and one for a twin bed. Then add your two sleeping pillows (20″x 36″ king; 20″x 36″ standard) with a color-coordinated pillow sham. From there, you choose the accent pillows you love the most. Just arrange them in decreasing sizes. Here’s an idea of how to arrange by size:

You starting to see the picture? If you need some inspiration, #HGTV, honey! I’m a closet interior decorator and a self-professed HGTV junkie. If there was a support group for addicts, I’d be right there in some church basement chanting, “Hi, my name is Cheryl, and I’m an HGTV addict.” While my fellow addicts would respond, “Hiii Cheryl!” So, I never miss the chance to learn from any staging secrets my good friends Chip and Joanna and Jonathan and Drew try to teach me. And when they’re not on, I’m pouring through my HGTV magazine or its more expensive, older glossy sisters like ­­­­Elle Décor, Veranda, Dwell, Traditional Home, and House Beautiful. So if you wondered why I had so much knowledge about pillows that I felt it necessary to pour that knowledge into you, well, now you know. Go buy yourself some glam pillows, girl!

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  1. Great tip for the interior design challenged folk like myself !! This is doable and not overwhelming ! I leave the decorating to hubby — he has an eye and flair for style — but I can take a stab at adding a few extra accessories to the room ! ?!

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