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Audiences have enjoyed Cheryl’s speeches on these topics:​

Work & Career:

• How To Network Out of Your Comfort Zone
• Shrewdly Negotiate Your Salary to Earn What You Deserve
• 12 Steps to Confidently Relaunch Your Career


Use Vision Boards to Create Your Dream Life
• Stop Being Soft on Upgrading Your Soft Skills
• How to Be Your Employer’s Super Hero
• Own Your Power: You Are Where You Are Because That’s Where You Want to Be
• Dear Employer: This Is Why Your Employees Are Leaving You

Goal Setting:

• Use SMART Goals to Create The Career You Want
• Vision Boards Can Help Advance Your Career
• 12 Steps to Confidently Create a Balanced Life
• Shrewdly Negotiate Your Salary to Earn What You Deserve

Career Development:

• What Your Boss Won’t Tell You But I Will!
• What a Promotion? What To Say, How & When to Say It
• Overcoming Procrastination to Better Your Teams

Love & Relationships:

• Use SMART Goals to Create The Life You Want
• So You Want to be MARRIED?!
• How to Reignite Your Relationship
• 12 Steps to Confidently Create a Balanced Life

Topics can be customized for your group or organization


“I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a professional event! You were our highest-rated speaker with an average score of 4.69/5 (overall speaker average was 4.29/5) – congratulations!”

- Gwen La Fantasie

Senior Manager, Membership, Advertising Research Foundation, Young Pros Bootcamp, New York

“The folks at ECRM still talk about your presentation from June 2019 in Palm Desert, CA!”

- Carol Sagers

Director, Global Beauty Alliance, Chicago

Just want to thank you for being our keynote speaker at our 32nd Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast, in Portland, Ore., sponsored by The Skanner Foundation. Your presentation wowed the crowd, as well as people who watched the Facebook livestream and the liveblogging by our staffer.”

- Bobbi Dore Foster

Founder, Executive Editor, The Skanner Newspaper Portland, Oregon