Now is as good a time as any to get your home in tip-top feng shui shape. Feng shui is essentially the practice of having good, quality energy, or chi, in your home (or garden, or office, or just about anywhere).

Since it is spring, that ole spring cleaning is on just about everyone’s to-do list. This is a good thing because, at a minimum, I hope that you’re in the process of thinking about decluttering your space. Getting rid of clutter is a perfect place to start when you’re working to feng shui your space. Think about it. How can you have any good flowing chi if it is all blocked up by a mound of the unread New York Times, stacked in the corner by the front door. Or how can you have any sexy-time energy swirlin’ around in your bedroom if you have a bunch of crap stuffed and “stored” under your bed? Or how can any healthy chi be vibrantly active and life-giving in your kitchen if opening your cupboards turns into a plastic avalanche and your fridge is an overstocked science experiment? It can’t, right? In my sweet opinion, if you’re here on Powerful Penny, you are probably on a path to getting yourself right, so get to decluttering ASAP.

Don’t overwhelm yourself and think you’ve got to turn into a wind-churning, energy circulating maximizing missy in one day or even one weekend. Small bites, sister. Small bites. All that clutter didn’t happen in one day, and you didn’t create it yourself if you are living in a family. So don’t expect it to magically disappear unless you’re Samantha from Bewitched.

Feng shui expert Rodika Tchi offers these de-cluttering tips on The Spruce:


  1. Tackle a specific clutter task each month. (Love this, #eatpinkelephants)
  2. Set a timer and go to task in 30-minute increments. At the 30-minute buzzer, give yourself a treat!


  • Bedroom: remove anything from this room that doesn’t belong there! TV, office desk, etc. Don’t throw all that stuff in the closet, either! The closet needs to work as a free-flowing clear space as well.
  • Kitchen: get rid of those bent up, awful pots and pans. Match your Tupperware lids and bottoms, and throw out/recycle/give away containers you don’t need. (Side note: think about going glass instead of plastic.) Clean out the fridge of old condiments, and wipe down the surfaces.
  • Home entrance: just like the bedroom, remove any items that don’t belong here. You are literally blocking your entrance energy. Shoes go into closets. Umbrellas go into bins. Bicycles get hung or go somewhere else to be stored.

If you want to get deeper into the practice of feng shui and make your home incredibly efficient this spring, you’re going to want to apply feng shui bagua to your home. What’s that, you say?? Bagua is a feng shui energy map. This energy map is overlaid to the layout of your home. You’ll look at the floor plan of your house, and with the help of this bagua map, you’ll identify the different quadrants of your house that relate to health and family, love and marriage, career, and money, for example. And then, you’re gonna get all into it and tap into the chi of these specific areas, bringing in the five elements—fire, earth, metal, water and wood—to maximize your life! Now THAT’S what I call spring cleaning! Yes, this can get pretty complicated, but like anything that makes your life better, don’t be scared. Dive in, learn, and apply. Here are some quick bagua tips to get you started and a video with more in-depth feng shui bagau information to help you learn.

May this year’s spring cleaning be your best ever. Be on the watch for how your mood is lightened and how new and harmonious happenstances come your way!

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