Hey, honeys, how’s it goin’ with your 30-day Prosperity Challenge? In Week 1, I challenged you to download a finance or budget app and use it CONSISTENTLY for 30 days. So how goes it?

If you got on board and got yourself downloaded and tracking, fabulous! I want to hear about it in the comments below. If you’re just finding Powerful Penny and this article (or you’re taking your sweet-a** time, i.e., procrastinating), you still have time to join us. In fact, this week I’m giving you a few more money-tracking apps to choose from so that you can figure out why you’re living paycheck to paycheck … and CUT.IT.OUT!

A’ight. Apps:

My faveity-fave is MINT. It’s also a fave of NerdWallet, a financial tools and advice site. They gave Mint a 4 out of 5 star rating. Mint is owned by Intuit which brings us the crazy useful tools Quicken and Turbo Tax. You’ve heard of these, right? Not too shabby. Mint is known for pulling all of your financial information like banking habits, investment performance, and even home value into one place for managing and analyzing.

I like Mint because it helps me with my Turbo Tax information. This YoungandThrifty.com writer doesn’t. Remember, this IS your money, so take some time to research what you do with it.

Is investing a hard nut to crack? Acorns seems to be suited for y’all who like to claim you ain’t got time or money or the brains to invest.  There’s no cost to sign up, and you only need $5 to begin investing. You got some pennies? Great. Acorns uses your cents to help you invest. It rounds to the nearest dollar for every purchase you make and then rolls that change automatically into an asset allocation. NO brainer!  Pssst, newbies! If you have an .edu email address, you can use Acorns for free for four years! Yep, nada. So you have no excuse but to get your financial butt in order! I’m giving Acorns a try in 2018.

For the scholarly types, there’s LearnVest! Like it sounds, these app-y folks go the extra mile and help you educate your way to financial finesse. With online tools, classes, articles, AND a 24/7 financial planner, this app is a true blue teacher. With great visual graphs, you can do fun stuff like set credit card payoff goals, create savings, and of course, track where and how you spend your dollars.

So, c’mon now. Let’s start the year off on the right track (get it?)!  #30DayProsperityChallenge

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    1. Just say you’re in and let us know which App you’re trying! then you can let us know your thoughts as you go along. Like you’ve already shared that you were downloading Acorn and giving up your social security number — as they require everyone to do — makes you nervous. I felt the same way, so people will want to know how we feel at the end of the Challenge! Thanks for jumping in!

  1. I have been using Acorns for about 10 months and I love it. I don’t miss the change all. I tied it to my secondary checking account to test it out and will be moving it to my primary at the beginning of my fiscal year (February). I also use Every Dollar for budgeting. I’m trying to be a better budgeter. When I budget I spend less and I know where my money is going.

    I have a 30 year old on my team and she is my roll model. She and her boyfriend are debt free, pay cash for big purchases, and are very happy. She recently paid cash for her car. They bought a house about 8 months ago and will have it paid off in 5 years. And they find a way to help others. They helped his parents pay their home last year.

    1. Wow! It sounds as if we could all use your millennial colleague as a role model. I wasn’t familiar with Every Dollar but it’s one we can for sure look into. Thanks for sharing this with our readers! Glad to know Acorn is working for you as well!

  2. Thanks for the tip about Acorns, I am milking my ASU Grad status and .edu email. Going to download now!

    Oh yeah – count me in on the challenge!

  3. I’m going to check out Every Dollar. I love Michelle Singletary’s book. The financial fast is eye opening. It’s the little things we don’t think about. I passed this book on to one of my sisters.

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