Web Series

Live from the Pink Couch is a bi-weekly mentoring web series. Each season, Cheryl streams the coaching sessions she holds with diverse professionals, (#NextLevelTribe) who are at varying career stages. They work with Cheryl to achieve their career goals.

The Web Series can be found on YouTube on the LiveFromThePinkCouch channel and airs live on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month at 3:00 p.m. CST (4:00 p.m. EST), on Facebook during each season.


The Newbie – Alex

  • Recent Graduate
  • BS in Animal Sciences
  • Seeking first professional role

The Rising Star – Tiffany

  • HR Professional specializing in operations and diversity
  • 15 years of work experience
  • Last three years working for a luxury retail brand

The Hopeful – Lynne

  • HR Professional with 14 years experience
  • Displaced in 2021
  • Seeking corporate stability in C-suite position earning a 200k salary

The Career 2.0 Star – Krystyn

  • Professional Makeup Artists for 14 years
  • Specializes in television, commercials, print advertising and corporate media
  • Works with celebrities, major brands and corporations


The Newbie – Ryan

  • Recent graduate
  • No previous job experience
  • Never interned
  • Seeking $56k – $56k salary

The Rising Star – Quani

  • Works at a premier cultural institution
  • Open to industry change
  • Looking for promotion
  • Seeking $200k salary

The Hopeful – Fatia

  • Data Analytics professional
  • Downsized
  • Has an MBA
  • Short stints at multiple companies
  • Seeking $100K salary

The Lone Star – Dorisa

  • Techpreneur
  • Launching app this year
  • Needs a CTO to help code
  • Seeking $50k investment

The Career 2.0 Star – Therese

  • Works for premier luxury brand
  • Wants to monetize her side hustle
  • Needs to draft a business plan
  • Looking to formalize relationships


The Newbie – Maya 

  • A recent college graduate

The Rising Star – Mailee

  • Top performer
  • Wants promotion

The Hopeful – Rebecca

  • High performer in corporate america
  • Seeking new job for 18 months

The Lone Star – Darshini 

  • Climbing up corporate ladder
  • Has side hustle
  • Feeling overwhelmed

The Career 2.0 Star – Jacqueline

  • Looking for next phase of career
  • Seeking new career challenge