When I was in my twenty’s and thirty’s, I wanted to go to a cowgirl camp! Yes, that’s right. I wanted to lasso something. I love riding horses and wanted to ride free on a horse like a Badass. Do you know that the only reason I never did it back then was because I could never get a girlfriend to go with me? Was that you Diva before you stepped into all of your Divaness? Now, of course as Divas we know that we never ask for somebody’s permission to be ourselves. Or to do what we want. We’re willing to take a chance and get our adventure travel game together, whether we have our posse with us or not. Am I right? (If not, umm, Imma need you to turn in your Diva card pronto ma’am.)

Listen, you learn a lot when you go out on a limb (literally). I’ve tried zip lining in almost every country I’ve traveled to. But one experience in Costa Rica almost cost me a finger when trying to use their scary hand-braking system.  Trust me when I say there was ZERO shame to my game while 22,000 bajillion feet up in the air on that shaky platform letting my guide know that under NO circumstances was I going to be trying their archaic braking system again. He was going to have to simply find another way to get me down! The guide’s pleas of, “But ladee, der is no other way down from here,” fell on my deaf ears. I LIKED my fingers and wanted to keep all 10 of them thank you very much. So when the only way out of tree top paradise was descending those 22,000 bajillion feet back to solid ground was riding piggyback style on my guide’s back, without a second thought I wrapped my legs and arms around him like I was a 40-pound toddler and breezed peacefully all the way down. My son, who was a teenager at the time, was with me and of course, was truly mortified at the spectacle I am sure I made of myself.   I. Did. Not. Care! Lol. Me and my 10 appendages made it back to solid ground. The thing is, I did it! I had a travel adventure honey. But I kept my safety top of mind first. That’s just my thang.

So, diva what is YOUR adventure M.O.?

Are you a wilderness type? Perhaps a safari to Africa is your thing. Do it! Get started by checking out Africa Adventure, Travel and Leisure’s 10 Best Safari Lodges in Africa or CNN’s 10 Best Luxury Safari’s.

Is a safari a little too much and a little too hot? Maybe cold weather floats your boat and you’re certain there is plenty of fun to be had in the frozen tundra! (By the way, skiing as a sport is not for me – too hard to look cute in those over sized ski suits. But I will still go on ski trips because I’m a pro at drinking hot chocolate!) Abercrombie and Kent offers luxury arctic cruises, one being inside the stunning region of Norway’s Svalbard archipelago. Polar bears and glaciers, anyone?

And if you want to take it easy, Glamping is still trending and tons of fun. Architectural Digest has a list of some high-end, luxe-level adventure packages from Belmond’s Afloat in France on the River Marne and tented camps at Capelle Abud in Bali which offers adventure, wellness and nature like British explorers did it in the 1800s (sorta).

If you have a goal in mind, like losing weight or learning a skill, go for it. I have a friend who went to a “Biggest Loser” type of weight loss camp. She needed it, she did it. I want to try that too. Any takers?

If you truly don’t want to do any travel alone and can’t find a friend, find someone who COULD BE your friend and travel with them. Join a group like Travel Noire or My Wander Year, where you leave it all behind and travel abroad with a group of like-minded folks.

Whatever you do, just DO IT and don’t be afraid to do it alone, if you must. Be the diva that you are, anywhere on this planet. It’s your Diva birthright.

P.S. Next year, one of my Pink Elephant goals (big, audacious goals) is to make it to a cowgirl camp. You can come with if you want to. But if not, it won’t stop me from going!

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