Do me a favor Diva. Look at your credit card statements from 2017. How much money did you spend on shoes for the entire year? Whether you’re a shoe junkie or were replacing heels thrown to a shoe graveyard, I’m guessing you spent at least $1000 on shoes and/or shoe repair. Many of you spent much more than that — a lot of you on one pair.

No side eye here. I don’t think it’s such a bad investment to spend a grand on one pair when 1) I know the shoe is going to last me for eons due to its great quality, 2) I’m going to look fly and feel fabulous when I wear them, no matter the season or the reason, and 3) I’m worth it.

I look at my clothes and my shoes as an INVESTMENT. I am in the public eye 75–90% of the time. I need to look the part, be the part, and do the part. As Divas we know that fabulosity recognizes fabulosity. Just like iron sharpens iron. When I’m doing business with someone decked out in a designer brand it makes me want to bring my A-game even more so. More importantly, the person on the receiving end of my high end look knows I didn’t come to play.  When I step down the corporate corridors of some of the top companies in the country that I do business with, I want to strut confidently knowing I can hold my own with the flyest of the fly. So there is zero guilt that I’ve overspent.

Men measure each other by their suits. They can sum up in a glance if a business foe is playing in the same league. For women, it’s often our shoes. It. May. Not. Be. Fair. But you and I both know it’s a reality. When you look like success  you tend to be more successful.

The shoes don’t have to be red bottoms or even flashy. Those of us who spend enough time shopping in high end stores recognize even the most discreet brands that stand for quality. It tells us instantly who we’re dealing with. Right? Without saying a word. That’s a power play all unto itself. And well worth the investment. So cut the guilt and handle your business Diva.

P. S. For those of you still sneaking shopping bags into the house past your hubby — show him this post after your next big business win and dare him to say anything.



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