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2022 Workshops

My workshops are quick, easy ways to discover how to take charge of your career, business or relationship goals in the shortest amount of time possible. Each workshop is 60 minutes in duration and includes exercises and worksheets to help you maximize your learning experience. And BTW — they’re FUN too! 

Just $47 each.



Online Courses

At Cheryl’s School of Fabulosity you will find intensively thorough, online love/relationship and career/business self-paced courses for those who want to go it alone, but still receive my solid advice and proven tactics in securing positive results. Online, self-paced courses are only $257 each.

Love/Relationship How to Find & Keep Love Series:

  • Course A 101: The Secret to Finding Love: Make Yourself Irresistible
  • Course B 102: Where to Find Love & How to Date In the New Normal
  • Course C 103: How to Move From Just Dating to a Committed Relationship
  • Course D 104: How to Move From a Committed Relationship to Marriage & Get Your Guy to Propose!

Access the series here.

Career/Business Series Coming Soon!:

  • Course E 201: How to Shrewdly Negotiate Your Salary Part 1
  • Course F 202: How to Shrewdly Negotiate Your Salary Part 2
  • Course G 203: From Entry-Level to Management – How to Quickly Make that Move!
  • Course H 204: How to Land your First Job
  • Course I 205: How to Market Your Small Business Without It Costing An Arm & A Leg


Virtual Group Programs:

Group programs offer a sense of camaraderie and motivation. Often problems and frustrations that others are experiencing mirror our own. That’s the beauty of peer-to-peer programs. With group sessions you will gain the benefit of coaching with me as well as receive feedback and insights from your peers. Groups run for three months and are highly interactive. Schedule your Complimentary Fabulosity Discovery Session today for placement in the group that’s just right for you! Group sizes are limited!


1:1 Customized Executive Coaching Program:

When nothing but individualized attention will do (and for you executives and other A-personality types, yes, I’m talking to you) you’ll want to work with me directly.

I’ll work with you to develop a blueprint for your success. Great for entrepreneurs, small business owners as well as those who desire to climb further up the corporate ladder or those seeking to align their personal lives to ensure that balance and serenity reigns. Schedule your Complimentary Fabulosity Discovery Session today to determine if a customized program is right for you!

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