Unapologetically Fabulous!

Is that how you’re living YOUR life?

I am Cheryl Grace and I believe at work, in love and at home life is meant to be lived fabulously. Work with me and I will show you how. Are you ready to live your most fabulous life?

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If you’re hating on Mondays (and Tuesdays – Thursdays too!) maybe it’s because you’re not working your fabulosity on the job which means your career or business isn’t where you want it to be. With a track record of helping clients land jobs they thought were unlandable, get the promotions they believed were out of reach and helping business owners better package their products and services for long-term profits, I love helping professionals achieve their goals. I also help corporations empower and position their associates and executives for success through my professional-development programs. You deserve a FABULOUS work life. I can show you how to get it. Sign up now for your complimentary Finding Your Fabulous Strategy Session. Or click below for more ways to discover your work fabulosity.


No matter your age, sexual orientation, or marital status you deserve a love life that makes you feel FABULOUS! I have taught women seeking love how to embrace their inner girly-girl, ask for the love they want, build confidence to tackle online dating, and convert a partner from love interest to spouse (fancy ring included). My relationship blogs, courses and customized coaching programs hold the key to your heart. Sign up now for your complimentary Finding Your Fabulous Strategy Session and let’s find the program that’s right for you.


Tranquil. Serene. Zero clutter. And drama free. Does this describe your home? If not, you are missing out on the joys of home grown FABULOSITY. I survived a nasty divorce and raised my son as a single mom while traveling constantly on business. So, I know a thing or two about the importance of coming home to a drama-free, beautiful, cozy environment, regardless of where you live or your price point. (Things don’t have to be expensive to be fabulous you know). There’s no place like home. Repeat that three times while scheduling your complimentary Finding Your Fabulous Strategy Session. Together we’ll create a home you love.

I Am Cheryl Grace

Life has not always been this fabulous for me. 

When I started my career, no one would help me professionally. So, I vowed to become the mentor and coach my 22-year old self needed back then. 

My first husband kicked me and our infant son out of our home because I asked him to take out the trash (hand to heart, true story) then spent the next five years dragging me through divorce court. (Umm, did I mention we’d only been married for 18-months when he told us to leave?) 

I was understandably gun shy about relationships as I struggled to regain peace and harmony in my life, so I put relationships on hold for a while and got laser focused on earning my MBA, and moving up the corporate ladder, resulting in a stellar 25+ year career in non-profit, politics, television and corporate America culminating as the senior vice president of a global market research company. 

I went on to be featured in Forbes magazine, named one of Black Enterprise Magazine’s “50 Most Powerful Business Women,” a “Remarkable Person” by the Chicago Tribune and celebrated as a “Distinguished Alum” by Purdue University. I became a highly sought after thought leader and speaker by unabashedly sharing my authentic story in a way that helps others. Who knew!?

But what’s life without love? When my baby boy was headed to college, I got intentional about dating to find a husband. I dated a LOT of frogs until I landed my dream guy. And it’s true what they say: love is better the second time around.

What I’ve learned is this: Life is short. And a life of fabulosity doesn’t just happen. You have to ask for it. Create it. And want to do the work necessary to bring it into fruition. I’ve done all of that, and now I couldn’t be happier. It’s why I am unapologetic about how great things turned out.

I believe how we integrate our work, love and home lives helps us maximize the way we present ourselves to the world. I call this synchronization fabulosity and believe we are all meant to live fabulous lives, if we choose to do so. My desire to help YOU achieve your definition of fabulosity is tangible and sincere.

My clients will attest to the effectiveness of my workshops/courses, and my commitment to working with you 1:1 or in group sessions, and not stopping until you are living a life you love, love, love! (And we will have fun along the way, promise.)

It’s never too late to start. But you must be willing to take the first step. And that begins with your mindset — the simple act of believing a life of fabulosity at work, in love and at home is attainable for you. Now, let’s get you started!

Cheryl’s Mantra

I Always

Trust My Gut and Authenticity

Am Continuously Tenacious and Thankful

Am Kind and Use My Power for Good

Look My Fabulous Best No Matter What

I Believe:

In Eating Pink Elephants. (Big Audacious Goals)

What the heck is a Pink Elephant!?

A Pink Elephant is a metaphor for your biggest, most audacious, push-you-out of your comfort zone goal that seems insurmountable and requires you to lean into your own faith to bring it to fruition. A goal so large you will have to slice and dice it into smaller micro-steps over time to accomplish.